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Coachella 2023: Expected lineup, Dates, Tickets Price, and Other Details

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Coachella 2023

While the Coachella 2022 is still on, music lovers are already keen to know about Coachella 2023. With some amazing performances to watch this year at Coachella. It’s certain and obvious for all to know if they can watch the next event or not. So, what’s the update on Coachella 2023 while the recent event goes on?

Read ahead to know more about Coachella 2023 and its other details.

Coachella 2023 Expected Dates

While Coachella 2022 this year has already given its performance for the first weekend. The second weekend will begin from 22nd April till 24th April. Though music lovers already know this year’s dates for the event and have even grabbed the pass for it.

But do we have any dates for the Coachella event next year? Certainly not. We haven’t got any announcement on the release date of the music festival. But what about the pass or tickets and lineup for the next year’s event? Well, surely we do have some hints on that for you.

Coachella 2023

The expected lineup for Coachella 2023

Though the music event will take place next year. Yet we are keenly looking forward to knowing who’s to headline the event next year. With no official announcement about the lineup. We believe Frank Ocean is to be on the list.

One of the reports by Rolling Stone, we are expecting to see Nicki Minaj make an appearance at the next year’s Coachella event as well. Niki DeMar too is arriving the next year for the event. While we still await the official confirmation.

Tickets availability for Coachella 2023

As every Coachella event makes its tickets go on sale a year ahead in May Or June. We are expecting May this year or June this year too to have the Coachella 2023 tickets. Coachella has a “Buying Passes” category that gives complete details on the price and types of passes for the event. So, you can check that out.

With mere estimation depending on the pricing of the tickets for the 2022 event. We believe the 2023 event will give the general admission tickets for $449 and above. VIP tickets will cost more or less around $1000. For exact price details, you need to wait for confirmation from the event authority.

Not to miss, stay tuned with Coachella 2022 event for the next performances lined up for this weekend.


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