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Chroming Trend on TikTok Raises Concerns as Death Linked to Dangerous Deodorant Challenge

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The TikTok trend of “chroming” is grabbing the attention of all but not for users trying it but rather for its deadly impact involving a teenager’s death in Australia. Yes, while many of you might already be knowing about chroming and the trend. The consequences of trying it are certainly something you shouldn’t miss to save one’s life.

Read ahead to know more about the chroming trend of TikTok and why you shouldn’t try the deadly trend.

Chroming trend of TikTok grabs attention of all

Before you actually dive deeper into knowing what’s the chroming trend on TikTok and why it’s been seeking everyone’s attention. You must be warned the content ahead might be disturbing in nature to read.

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Amid new trends and challenges emerging on TikTok every day. Some of the trends are not fit enough to be tried. Chroming trend is one such thing that’s making all think about it. To know the trend though you must understand what the word chroming stands for.

The word chroming originated in Australia. The informal word means inhaling fumes from toxic things. That could be even an aerosol can or paint container.

Why the chroming trend is dangerous and must not be tried?

There have been plenty of trends on TikTok that have been found extremely dangerous to be tried by users. The chroming trend is one such trend. The word has found its root from the fact that paints having chrome can be used to create temporary highs for its user. However, that’s extremely dangerous and deadly.

In fact, due to chroming, a teenager has even lost her life recently in Australia. Making everyone aware that the thing is really not something you can try your hands on. Meanwhile, not much information has been available about it too that can keep users away from it.

Dangerous chroming leaves teenager dead

Chroming has even taken the life of a teenager in Australia. As it happened in Melbourne, Australia this year when 9Now reported the incident about a teenager Esra Haynes, a 13-year-old girl. Esra has been at her friend’s house for a sleepover when the incident happened.


Esra’s parents got a call informing them that Esra was unwell. Upon reaching the place, her parents found paramedics already at the location and were informed that Esra had been chroming. She was then rushed to the hospital and she died eight days later. Esra had suffered brain damage resulting in her death, unfortunately.

Esra’s parents even talked about the tragic death of their daughter to 9Now. As they tried to bring awareness towards the fatal consequences of chroming.


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