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Chris Hemsworth Demands Thor Reinvention for MCU Return

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Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth and Thor franchise has been unbeatable so far but do they have a future together? Well, Chris is ready to be back in MCU but he wants Thor to be reinvented. MCU has given a great name and fame to Chris Hemsworth. But it seems like Chris wants some changes to sustain his existence in MCU.

Read ahead to know more about Chris Hemsworth is willing to return to MCU only if Thor gets reinvented.

Chris Hemsworth and his journey in the Thor franchise

MCU has had numerous movies under its franchise with different phases of it. One of them was Thor. Thor itself has come a long way since the initial phases of MCU and one of the actors who gave his level best in Thor movies was Chris Hemsworth.

The titular character played by Chris in Thor movies has been fans’ favorite. While fans are keen to know if Chris Hemsworth is ready to continue with MCU or not. Luckily, we do have a clue about what Chris thinks about his future with MCU especially his character Thor.


Chris Hemsworth ready to continue with MCU of Thor is reinvented

For fans of Chris Hemsworth thinking if their superhero will return to the MCU or not. There are currently two things stopping him to do so. Firstly, Chris recently announced a break from acting after he got to know that he’s at risk of getting Alzheimer’s Disease.

Though, he still believes if one of the important conditions is fulfilled he can return to MCU. Chris wants that his character Thor must be reinvented. This means he wants the story around the character to be something different and unique. Hence, only if he finds the story and his character to be unique, Chris will make his return to MCU.


Is Chris Hemsworth thinking to retire from MCU?

There have been so many celebs who worked for years with MCU who planned their retirement from the movie franchise. As we had Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans to do so. Chris Hemsworth just like them wants to retire too from MCU. But it all depends on how things turn out for his character Thor in MCU.

If he doesn’t find the script in coming future to be interesting. He might retire from MCU. Meanwhile, he doesn’t want to play his iconic character all his life. Hence, it would be exciting to see if Chris gets what he wants or not.


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