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Cardi B Sparks Pregnancy Rumors After Recent Photo Shows Possible Baby Bump

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Cardi B

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Is Cardi B expecting another child? The internet is abuzz with speculation following a recent photo of the rap superstar that appears to show a baby bump. Cardi B, known for her dynamic performances and candid social media presence, visited her hometown of The Bronx, New York, during the Fourth of July holiday, and fans are now wondering if she might be pregnant with her third child.

In several pictures and videos circulating on social media, Cardi B was seen wearing a top that seemed to highlight a noticeable bulge around her midsection. This observation quickly led fans to speculate that the “WAP” rapper might be expecting again. Adding fuel to the fire, Cardi B has not commented on the rumors, neither confirming nor denying them.

This isn’t the first time Cardi B has faced pregnancy rumors recently. Last month, her choice of an all-black ensemble during a performance led fans to believe she was trying to conceal a growing belly. The rapper has remained silent on the matter, leaving fans to piece together clues from her wardrobe choices and public appearances.

Earlier this week, Cardi B attended the Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards, sharing photos on Instagram where she wore an oversized blazer over a sheer skirt. Fans praised her look but also noted the unusual choice of baggy clothing. One fan commented, “When she dressed like this…WE know what time it is,” accompanied by baby bump emojis. Another added, “She fully cover up her body when she’s prego.”

A few days later, at the BET Awards in Los Angeles, Cardi B donned an oversized jersey t-shirt dress for her performance, which again sparked pregnancy rumors. She performed hits like “Up” and “WAP,” and her outfit choice did little to quell the speculation.

Cardi B further fueled the rumors by posting a video of herself twerking, where she strategically avoided showing her stomach. The caption read, “I been practicing for the next time I battle my cousins,” with a Dominican flag emoji, but the video did not reveal her midsection, leading fans to believe she might be hiding a baby bump.

Cardi B and her husband Offset are no strangers to public pregnancies. The couple has two children: daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus, born in July 2018, and son Wave Set Cephus, born in September 2021. Cardi announced her first pregnancy in a memorable way by revealing her baby bump during a performance on Saturday Night Live. Their second child’s birth was shared in a heartfelt Instagram post featuring a family photo from the hospital.


While neither Cardi B nor Offset has commented on the current pregnancy rumors, fans continue to speculate. Cardi B’s two children, Kulture and Wave, are frequently featured on her and Offset’s social media accounts. Recently, Cardi posted an adorable Mother’s Day tribute to her kids, showcasing her love and pride for her family.

As the rumors swirl, fans remain eager to hear any confirmation or denial from Cardi B. Until then, the speculation continues, but one thing is clear: Cardi B’s fans are ready to celebrate if the rapper is indeed expecting another bundle of joy.


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