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Cam’ron’s Criticism of Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors’ Photoshoot Sparks Outrage

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The comments Cam’ron made about photographs of Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors have drawn backlash. In a photo shoot accompanied by the Creed III actors’ article in The New York Times on Saturday (April 8), the 47-year-old Harlem rapper posted two photos to Instagram showing them in close proximity. Majors is hugging Jordan in the first black-and-white image of the two men. Jordan is looking forward into the camera as Majors is hugging him. Again, in the second image, the men rest their heads on each other while looking forward.

I didn’t go see Creed because of this, wrote the “Get ‘Em Girls” rapper. Although Killa Cam did not elaborate on his reasoning, the comments challenged the rapper’s view of masculinity because Jordan and Majors’ friendship was depicted in intimate photographs. In response to Cam’ron’s post, award-winning songwriter Skillz responded with his own post. A release on March 3, 2023, Creed III earned $58.7 million in North America and $41.8 million overseas in its opening weekend. This is beyond our wildest expectations. At the time, Erik Lomis, MGM’s head of distribution, said, We knew that we had something special – we tested the film, and it tested great, but the public reacted so positively to it.

After Making Comments About The Michael B. Jordan And Jonathan Majors Photoshoot, Cam’ron Is Facing Backlash Online

In response to comments he made about photos of Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors, Cam’ron is facing backlash online. In an Instagram post made Saturday (April 8), the 47-year-old rapper uploaded two photos of the actors from Creed III from a photoshoot for the paper’s article. In the first black-and-white photograph, Majors embraces Jordan while they both look forward towards the camera. The men are once again looking ahead in the second image, resting their heads on each other. “Get ‘Em Girls” rapper Cam’ron wrote in the caption that is the reason he didn’t watch Creed. Because Jordan and Majors’ friendship was portrayed through the intimate photoshoot, Killa Cam’s comments challenged his stance on masculinity. In response to Cam’ron’s post, award-winning songwriter Skillz shared his own. SMH, we are our own worst enemies. I tell all my homies I love them…why? Because I do! Sometimes it throws them off, but I don’t care, I’ll keep saying it. There’s no guarantee that tomorrow will come. All of us are getting older, and death is a certainty. The battle rapper began his lengthy caption by saying, Black men already have it tough here.


Even showing love or accepting it is impossible without trying to make it into something else. Although I don’t know Michael B Jordan personally, I know he had a tough time losing Chadwick…because it was tough for everyone. Before he died, we clowned that man without knowing how sick he really was. Perhaps Jonathan came into Mike’s life when he needed a friend…a bro. Is there a reason why men cannot have healthy relationships with other men without having their masculinity or sexuality questioned? When I asked Black men if they would smile in their pictures last week, they said ‘Naaah Ion’t do that ish skillz’. You [don’t] do what? Smile? What’s wrong with that? You don’t see anything wrong with it? Oh man, we’re living in goofy times. Y’all got it, the caption continued. It’s your fault if your family does not have a picture of you smiling when you die. I’ve never seen a harder obituary picture. You won. In response to Skillz’s post, DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia wrote, My brother, is missing out because it’s an amazing movie! This is the only movie I have ever watched five times, and it wasn’t just for the theme song. The film grossed $58.7 million in North America and $41.8 million overseas in its opening weekend in March 2023.


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