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Cam Newton Brawl: Former NFL MVP’s Show of Resilience Amid Chaos Garners Fan Praise

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Cam Newton



A video has gone viral of a football event showing a brawl involving former NFL star Cam Newton. The incident appears to have taken place during a football event in Atlanta, and it has sparked mixed reactions from netizens.

Read ahead to learn more about the viral video capturing a brawl involving former NFL star Cam Newton during a football event.

Video goes viral of a brawl of former NFL star Cam Newton during a football event

It was recently that former NFL star Cam Newton attended a 7v7 tournament organized by Newton’s C1N. During the event, a physical altercation occurred, which has since gone viral.

Due to some trouble between Cam and members of Top Shelf Performance, the brawl took place. It’s worth noting that Top Shelf Performance was one of the teams participating in the tournament.


While attempting to break up a fight between the former Black Panthers and New England Patriots quarterback and some men at the event, Cam was seemingly attacked by members of Top Shelf Performance.

More about the brawl of Cam Newton

The video of the brawl involving Cam Newton at the football event has gone viral. Cam was seen involved in a physical altercation with the attackers. However, this has sparked several reactions from netizens, as the video of the incident has surfaced on the internet.

Not to forget, despite the reported physical altercation involving Cam Newton at the football event, his team did manage to secure a win. However, netizens were more focused on discussing Cam’s brawl rather than his team’s victory.

Netizens react to viral video of Cam Newton’s brawl

As soon as the video of the football event brawl involving Cam Newton surfaced on the internet, everyone has been busy reacting to it. Some were in favor of Newton as they tried to defend him, while others slammed the recorded violence.

One user wrote, “Cam Newton looks unfazed getting jumped 😂.” Several other reactions flooded social media, with many even sharing memes about Cam Newton’s brawl, joking about his strength while handling the attackers during the football event.


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