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C Blu, Bronx Teen Rapper Arrested After Reportedly Shooting NYPD Officer

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C Blu



Who exactly is C Blu? After a scuffle, a Bronx young rapper is suspected of shooting an officer with a stolen pistol. NEW YORK CITY’S BRONX: A 16-year-old rapper was arrested in The Bronx on January 18 after allegedly shooting a New York City Police Department (NYPD) officer during a brawl. Camrin Williams, the juvenile, has subsequently pleaded not guilty to various weapons-related counts, with his lawyer saying the officer shot him during the altercation. The altercation occurred when a number of cops attempted to disperse a “disorderly gathering” outside a renowned Bronx apartment on Lorillard Place near Third Avenue.

The event is only the latest example of New York City’s widespread gun violence, which has frequently resulted in unusual and deadly circumstances. In November 2021, two males in The Bronx fired gunshots in broad daylight after colliding in the street. Raphael Rosado was arrested earlier this month for firing at police who sought to apprehend him and his son, an altercation in which policemen sadly murdered Rosado’s kid. In 2021, Times Square has experienced a number of gunshots, one of which injured a newlywed Marine in July. In the Williams case, police claim he fired a bullet into his own leg, grazing Officer Kaseem Pennant, which his lawyer denies.


Who is Camrin Williams?

The 16-year-old rapper goes by the stage name C Blu and is a member of the Reyway group. He has almost 20,000 YouTube subscribers, and a number of his songs have over 1 million views. Despite having only six posts, he’s quite famous on Instagram, with over 55,000 followers. He’s also been linked to gangs in the neighborhood, including Kay Flock, a hip-hop musician who was recently arrested for murder. According to the New York Daily News, Williams was an extremely conscientious student before becoming a teen celebrity.

He stated in a January 2022 interview, “I’m still on my school s—t. You must be astute… Aside from rapping, I want to be a scientist.” He acknowledged being “very into science” and wanting to attend college. But he got sidetracked and started taking on rival groups and signing about firearms. Williams’ attorney, Dawn Florio, confirmed that Williams had been homeschooled since November because his celebrity had been a “distraction.” It’s unclear whether he’ll continue his education now that he’s signed with Interscope Records and gotten a “substantial advance in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.” His music, however, has placed him in legal problems.


Williams was allegedly on probation for gun possession at the time of the January 18 incident. This resulted from his arrest in May 2020 for possessing a Taurus pistol in one of his music videos while he was only 14 years old. “This defendant has turned to social media and appeared several times showing a handgun that looks identical to the firearm he held in the event,” the prosecution stated. It’s unknown how Williams received the gun, although it was reportedly stolen. As a consequence, a court has set bail at $20,000 for Williams. It’s unclear whether he was able to upload it as of January 21. According to reports, Officer Pennant was released from the hospital on January 19.


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