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Britney Spears’ Boyfriend Paul Richard Soliz Accused of Being a ‘Deadbeat’ Cheater by Ex

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Nicole Mancilla, ex-girlfriend of Britney Spears’ boyfriend Paul Richard Soliz, accuses him of being a “deadbeat cheater” with multiple children.

Nicole Mancilla, the ex-girlfriend of Britney Spears’ boyfriend Paul Richard Soliz, has made some serious allegations against him. She claims that Soliz, who has a criminal past, is a “deadbeat cheater” with at least nine children. Mancilla further alleges that Soliz has neglected his children since becoming involved with Spears.

According to Us Weekly, Soliz, 37, has a history of legal troubles, including a conviction for driving without a license in 2016 and a conviction for felony firearm possession in December 2020. He reportedly violated his probation in September 2023. Despite this, Soliz has insisted in an interview with Backgrid last September that he is not a “bad dude.” He also revealed that he has a “handful of children” and that one of their mothers has passed away.


However, Mancilla, who is the mother of five of Soliz’s children, has told DailyMail that Soliz has allegedly abandoned his nine children since becoming romantically involved with Spears. She claims that Soliz has not only cheated on her with Spears but is also behind on child support payments for their five children.

Court documents obtained by DailyMail reveal that the Los Angeles Department for Child Support Services (DCSS) filed a civil case on March 22 demanding that Soliz pay $1,167 in monthly child support, plus 50% of healthcare costs for the children. Despite Soliz being ordered to pay child support, the documents state that the children have been receiving public benefits since January 2020.

Mancilla alleges that Soliz, who reportedly first connected with Spears as a cleaner and handyman on her staff, has neglected his responsibilities as a father since becoming romantically involved with her. Mancilla, who refers to Soliz as her “husband,” said, “Just let them know that my husband fell in Britney Spears’ p***y. He was married, and now he denies his children. He neglects his children for her.”


Mancilla’s mother, Sandra Smith, echoed her daughter’s sentiments, telling DailyMail, “He has ten kids. He doesn’t support any of them. They have a one-year-old together and he doesn’t even pay attention to that one either. He’s a deadbeat dad.”

These allegations have cast a shadow over Soliz’s relationship with Spears and raised questions about his commitment as a father. As the situation continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Soliz will respond to these serious accusations.


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