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Brielle Biermann gets blasted for bragging about owning 4 companies

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Brielle Biermann



‘RHOA’ alum Brielle Biermann is slammed on social media for showing off her luxurious life and being the owner of four companies.

Here is everything you need to know.

Brielle Biermann flaunts being the owner of four companies

A recent TikTok video of Brielle Biermann is going around on social media where she is found bragging about her privileged life.

Moreover, in the short clip, a person asks her, ‘How much money is in your bank account?’

Biermann on the other hand replies by saying, ‘What do you think?’

She continues, ‘I own four companies and was on TV for like 10 years.’

If you didn’t know, Biermann is the daughter of American television personality Kim Zolciak. She came into the limelight on social media for sharing scandalous pictures of herself.

Biermann made her debut on television screens as a child alongside her sister Ariana on television when their mother became an original cast member of RHOA.


Fans slam Brielle Biermann for flaunting her money

Many fans of Brielle Biermann took to social media to call out the former The Real Housewives of Atlanta star for her comment.

A user wrote, ‘Maybe she should give some to her parents so they aren’t homeless.’

Another user pointed out, ‘Notice how she said “we” still have money at the end. Screams I don’t have money but my mum and dad do.’

Someone else added, ‘Well she didn’t help her mom with the family house that’s being auctioned off on March 5. Since she has lots of money!’

A different user noted, ‘She should have helped her mom so her house did not go into foreclosure if that’s the case.’

Brielle Biermann claims that she is receiving flirty DMs from fellow television stars

Brielle Biermann revealed that she is receiving flirty messages from many celebrities during an interview with Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef last November.


In addition, she claimed that a couple of people from Bravo also send her these types of DMs on social media.

Biermann then went on to suggest that these individuals are well-known as well as have a wife or girlfriend.

However, she insisted that while she does not reply to these messages, their continuous attempts to communicate with her make her feel uncomfortable.

She said on the podcast, ‘The fact that they’re sending an emoji, they’re saying hi, like, bothers me. Cause if my man ever did that to somebody, I’d be f**king like, “We’re done. Bye! Have fun with them.”‘


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