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Brian Laundrie’s Instagram statistics! What do Brian’s Twitter Followers claiming about it? Is He Active?

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FBI found the Florida home of Brian Laundrie, fiancé of Gabby Petito. Gabby is been missing since September 1st, 2021. Now, the missing woman is believed to have died. Investigators searching with the surrounding property of Mr. Laundrie’s on Monday. This all started when Mr. Laundrie, A 23-year-old, returned home alone from a cross-country road trip with Ms. Gabby Petito. 

On Sunday, when the FBI conducted the full forensic investigation, Ms. Petito’s body was found with a potential match with the description in Wyoming. Then, Police considered Mr. Brian Laundrie as a “person of interest” which means, could be involved in the crime; yet, didn’t charge him then. Also, he declined to speak with the police previously this month, since Ms. Gabby went missing. She was visiting the Grand Teton National Park with her fiancé Mr. Laundrie. After she disappeared. When he came home he didn’t speak about her missing to any authorities. Later on, Mr. Brian also went missing. His family mentioned that they saw him on September 14th, 2021. (Tuesday)


On Monday, local media publishes a video showing Officers and FBI agents assembling the Laundrie’s home with guns and also isolating with crime scene tape and sending Mr. Laudries’s parents to some unmarked van. Also, agents took out several boxes from Laundrie’s home. In a Twitter post, the FBI confirms that they secured a search warrant. As this is currently going no other details could be provided, says the agency. 


When this search did start?

Previously, the young couple set out on a Cross-Country Campervan road trip in July. This is clearly documented in their social media account. Now, Two weeks before Ms. Gabby went missing, on August 12th, the police of Southern Utah Town of Moah released the bodycam footage of Ms. Petito crying and complain about her mental health to the police officers there. She also mentions that the duo is quarreling frequently. The police called it to be possible domestic violence between the couple. In that footage, she says she has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and she is been asking sorry for being mean to him. 

Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images

Now, Authorities are seeking any evidence with police dogs and drones in Mr. Laundrie’s 24,000-acre nature preserve in North Port in Florida. Yet, yesterday, they say the search has been called off, as they had exhausted all the areas in searching. They have been spending the night apart but did not find any evidence. They are with questions for the future. 

Brian Laundrie’s Social Media accounts: Is he really Online?

When Twitter shared a screenshot of Brian Laundrie’s Instagram account stat, that exactly shows how many followers he has already, or gained, or lost over some time, especially after he went missing. Clearly mentioning, the information shows the Brian’s “Following” numbers decrease which could mean that “He is Unfollowing people in Instagram”.

In several Twitter posts, people asserting that Brian has been un-following people since he was missing, also he has been online after went missing, he is having time while he was missing. Anyhow, just the screenshot showing how many Brian is un-following doesn’t mean that Brian has been un-following his followers. It also means that Brian’s followers are un-following him from his Instagram account. That is, the numbers also mean that people removing Brian as their follower or even to the core, blocking him. Hence, if Brian un-following from the follower list, the number decreases, Also, Brian’s followers might un-follow or even block him, the number decreases. 

Another Twitter user claims, the FBI would easily find the location Brian is in when he using the internet to un-follow people. Hence, many Twitter accounts believing that, Brian’s followers are either un-following him or even blocking him. 


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