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Box Office Showdown: Barbie vs. Oppenheimer – Who Takes the Crown in Opening Weekend Earnings?

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Barbie and Oppenheimer

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So Barbie and Oppenheimer have had a grand opening in the theatres already and everyone wants to know who had grossed more money in the first weekend. Well, it was on 21st July 2023 that we had a clash between both movies at the box office. Audiences loved both and some were even confused about which one to call better. But we do know who had a better opening weekend than the other.

Read ahead to know more about which of Barbie or Oppenheimer grossed more money in the opening weekend.

Barbie and Oppenheimer releases in theatres

Barbie and Oppenheimer have finally released in theatres on 21st July and everyone’s rushing towards the big screen to watch it. However, in both the movies you get something different to watch. As Barbie is all about the life, ups, and downs of the doll character in her pink world.

Oppenheimer on the other hand is all about a movie based on the life of Julius Robert Oppenheimer. As he is best known as the father of the atomic bomb. Though the genre of both the movies might be totally different. Audiences have still been loving both movies.

Which movie among Barbie and Oppenheimer had a grand opening on the first weekend?

Well, we all know both Oppenheimer and Barbie have been doing extremely well at the box office. Some of the audiences were even confused in deciding which one to call the best among the two. However, in terms of the highest grossing among the two for the opening weekend, we do have a result to share.

If you are keen to know which among Barbie and Oppenheimer earned the most in the opening weekend. Then it’s Barbie taking over Oppenheimer this time. Barbie has earned $155 million at the box office in the United States. While Oppenheimer was at $80.5 million in the United States over the weekend.

More about Barbie’s grand opening over Oppenheimer in theatres

Hopefully, Barbie directed by Oscar-winning writer and director Greta Gerwig has set its own record this time. As it has become the movie with the biggest opening in the US for a film directed by a woman. Not to miss, the Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling starrer movie was promoted worldwide with a lot of effort too.


TikTok too went crazy over some of the trends derived from the Barbie 2023 movie. Meanwhile, Oppenheimer too had positive reviews from the audiences over its storyline. Though, Barbie was lucky enough this time to become the biggest debut of this year so far. Even beating the likes of The Super Mario Bros.


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