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Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis Clash Online Over ‘Dead Beat’ Dad Allegations Amid Chrisean Rock Controversy

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Blueface, Chrisean Rock, & Jaidyn Alexis are once again in the news after arguing online about what kind of parent the “Thotiana” rapper is. He’s a “deadbeat,” according to Alexis, a fact that became public after the rapper was spotted in the studio with his newest baby mama, Chrisean Rock. “A deadbeat, as well as recording a music video or in a recording studio for delight, is different, however go off,” she wrote. “I suppose y’all needed the clout.” He was also referred to as an opp by her, who said, “My bd an opp sorry for upsetting you all he’s an egomaniac, liar, as well as weirdo.” Blueface as well as Chrisean Rock are celebrating the birth of their son, Chrisean Malone Jr., as previously reported.

According to an Instagram Story, the two are not only enjoying their new kid but also starting a new business. Rock may sign with her on-again, off-again boyfriend. In the video, Rock signs a contract that says, “Milf Music Forever!” Another likely trigger was the posting of a photo showing Blueface napping in a bed alongside the new baby, shortly after babbling to his high school sweetheart about the fact that he adores her more than Chrisean Rock. Alexis took to Twitter to declare that he had tricked everyone. Chrisean and Blueface — whose true name is Johnathan Jamall Porter — originally became romantically involved in 2020, but the off-on couple had several ups and downs before confirming their breakup in October 2022.


Jaidyn Alexis Goes Off On Blueface And Slams Him For Reuniting With Chrisean Rock

Jaidyn Alexis, Blueface’s long-term girlfriend criticised him after he reunited for a day with his ex-girlfriend Chrisean Rock as well as their newborn kid. “U weird b—t I’m the only person who’s ever had ur back, I held you down, and y’all see this??” Jaidyn, 24, commented about the “Disrespectful” rapper, 26, on X, previously referred to as Twitter, on Saturday, September 16. “Narcissistic and manipulative.” In another tweet, she said, “My BD an opp, sorry for upsetting y’all, he’s a narcissist, liar, as well as weirdo.” The incident began when Chrisean, 23, posted a photo of her son Chrisean Rock Jr. & Blueface on Instagram earlier that day, writing the post “Daddy and I” and tagging his Instagram name. “Rock had my fone,” the “Thotiana” rapper said on the shot. “But since it’s just me and my son, f—k it.”Chrisean and Blueface’s son came into the world on September 4, the duo had been bickering on social media, including the rapper boasting about his other two children’s mother. Blueface & Jaidyn were partying in a Miami nightclub while Chrisean was giving birth. “Jaidyn is the prize,” Blueface wrote on Twitter the day Chrisean gave birth. “Keep it about Blue & Jaidyn,” he said the day before.

This isn’t just some random girl I choose to make someone envious or troll. Jaidyn has been right here for ten years with two children and has never stepped out with another man. Nobody else will be as solid as this later in the game.” Chrisean and Blueface — whose true name is Johnathan Jamall Porter — originally became romantically involved in 2020, but the off-on couple had several ups and downs before revealing their breakup in October 2022. “Y’all can have him,” she said on Twitter. Fans were astonished months later when the Chrisean & Blueface: Crazy In Love co-stars revealed they were expecting their first child. Despite the fact that Chrisean and the “Disrespectful” singer had been together at the time, Blueface first denied being the father. He subsequently accused Chrisean of sleeping with ten different guys in the year preceding her pregnancy, hinting that any of those men could be the father. After appearing to work through their issues, their relationship reached another snag in August 2023, when Chrisean alleged Blueface was aggressive and stated that she was done with him.


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