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Benedict Cumberbatch Drops Exciting Hint About Doctor Strange’s Return – Filming to Commence in 2024!

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Benedict Cumberbatch

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Benedict Cumberbatch is ready to play Doctor Strange again as he hints at the movie’s filming to begin in 2024. Well, fans of Cumberbatch are quite happy to see him in the MCU as Doctor Strange. However, fans wanted to know if he would make his return soon or not. To which he hinted at what fans would get to see. So, can we see Benedict Cumberbatch again in MCU movies?

Read ahead to know more about Benedict Cumberbatch’s hints at return of Doctor Strange in 2024.

Benedict Cumberbatch and his Journey as Doctor Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the much-loved actor and it’s mostly because of his role as Doctor Strange in the MCU movies. His first role as Dr. Stephen Strange came in the year 2016 for the movie Doctor Strange.

Post which Cumberbatch became an integral part of the MCU movies. As he appeared in Thor Ragnarok, the 2017 film, Avengers: Infinity Wars, 2018, Avengers: Endgame, 2019, and so on. But is he there in other arriving MCU movie as well?


Benedict Cumberbatch hints at his character’s return to MCU movie

Fans of Benedict Cumberbatch have truly loved his role as Doctor Strange. While some more movies are in line to arrive for MCU. The keen fans of Cumberbatch have been excited to know if the Doctor’s character would return or not in upcoming MCU movies.

Well, Benedict Cumberbatch appeared as a guest at JW3 Speaker Series. He himself hinted at what to expect. As he went on to say “There are some Marvel capers in the making next year”. Post which fans have been keeping high hopes for his return. The filming of it is to begin in 2024.

Is Benedict Cumberbatch arriving in the new Doctor Strange movie?

So far it isn’t clear if Benedict Cumberbatch was talking about his return in any Doctor Strange movie or any other MCU movie. As we have one of the movies, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty to arrive too. Though it has been delayed recently. However, fans are hopeful to see Doctor Strange again.

Meanwhile, MCU fans are also looking forward to knowing which other superhero is to make its return with new MCU movies. As it has been quite some time since fans had the battle of good the evil to witness on the big screen.


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