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Balenciaga is partnering with Disney in the aftermath of the child campaign scandal

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According to reports, Balenciaga is collaborating with Disney for a Spanish period drama series.

Here is everything you need to know.

Balenciaga is joining hands with Disney to ‘rebrand’ themselves 

A TikTok user named recently shared a video that revealed that Balenciaga is partnering with Disney to ‘rebrand’ themselves in the aftermath of the child campaign scandal.

The message on the clip read, ‘This hasn’t been leaked yet. Not surprisingly, Balenciaga is bleeding. They’re firing and laying off people left & right. And they’re wanting to rebrand. But it’s who they’re rebranding with.’

Moreover, it continued, ‘Balenciaga’s 2023 Campaign is going to be partnered with Disney. If you think they’re not after our kids You’ve lost your mind. They’re coming for our kids and they’re doing it in broad daylight.’

In addition, TikToker explained that it felt necessary to raise awareness about the upcoming project.

For the unversed, both brands have previously been accused of promoting pedophilia. 


However, Disney has prevented itself from drowning in the scandal which couldn’t be said for the Spanish design label.

More about Disney upcoming Balenciaga’s biopic

According to reports, Disney is making a Spanish period drama series that will be titled Balenciaga. Moreover, it will be available to stream on the platform Disney Plus.

In addition, the show will supposedly consist of six episodes and will center around the rise of the fashion house.

Meanwhile, it will focus on the journey of Cristóbal Balenciaga who is the son of a seamstress and a fisherman. 

Furthermore, it will highlight his journey about how he went on to become a prominent figure in the fashion industry due to his w ork ethic and business-mindedness.


Albert San Juan is reportedly roped in to star as the main protagonist in the series. Additionally, Belén Cuesta and Gemma Whelan will also feature in the project.

Netizens react to Balenciaga and Disney’s rebranding strategy

It appears like social media users are not impressed to learn about the collaboration between Balenciaga and Disney.

Moreover, several users took to Twitter to express their concern about the upcoming series promoting child p*rnography.

A user wrote, So… *cough cough*. BALENCIAGA is trying to rebrand by partnering with… DISNEY!!!! Idk whether to laugh or cry.’

Someone else mentioned, ‘I just read Balenciaga will be partnering with Disney in 2023. Why am I not surprised?’

A different user noted, ‘Balenciaga teams up with Disney Plus. I’d rather wipe with sandpaper than watch such trash. Boy, 2022 is taking a one-way ticket to hell.’


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