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Auntkaren0 shares Video That She Was “unlawfully Detained” by 2 Male Nurses and Security Staff at the Hospital

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TikTok famous user auntkaren0 is going viral on the internet for her videos saying she was unlawfully detained for recording a patient’s mistreatment. auntkaren0 has been a famous social media fame who has been going viral for her videos mostly on awareness about racism. But recently, she came up with a video where she shared about her being unlawfully detained in the hospital for recording.

Read ahead to know more about TikTok user auntkaren0 unlawfully detained for recording the mistreatment of a patient.

Who is TikToker user auntkaren0?

TikTok has found its users in almost every corner of the world. Not just that even every professional’s people are there on TikTok. Like the one, we had with a user auntkaren0. TikTok user auntkaren0 has been growing popular with her content on social media.

Most of the videos on social media are mostly around awareness about racism. That has given her so much fame that she is having millions of fans on social media now. In fact, on TikTok itself, she has a fan following of about 1.7 million.


TikToker auntkaren0 unlawfully detained for recording mistreatment of a patient

It happened recently when TikToker auntkaren0 came up with some videos on Twitter that shocked all. As auntkaren0 is active on Twitter as well. She recently shared a video telling all that she was unlawfully detained at the hospital for recording the mistreatment of a patient.

In her tweet, auntkaren0 wrote “Beaumont Health I was unlawfully detained by 2 security officers and a male nurse (Valen Zeqiri) for recording and speaking up for a pregnant black woman. The two male officers then attacked me and ripped my phone from my hands”.

Netizens react to auntkaren0’s videos of getting unlawfully detained

Netizens have come across the videos of TikToker auntkaren0 recently. Where she mentioned how she was unlawfully detained for standing up for a pregnant black woman. The reactions coming from the netizens have been mixed as some supported auntkaren0 for taking the stand for a fellow patient.

While some of the netizens did say that it isn’t allowed to record in some hospitals. In fact, some wanted to know if the patient she took a stand for was fine with auntkaren0 recording her or not. Certainly, the whole thing on the internet has made it go viral to the extent that some netizens wanted auntkaren0 to take action against the hospital too.


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