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A$AP Rocky Surveillance Video Surfaces, Allegedly Shows Him Holding Gun Before A$AP Relli Shooting

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A$AP Rocky

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Security footage has emerged showing A$AP Rocky allegedly holding a gun just before the reported shooting of A$AP Relli. The video was displayed in court during a hearing to determine whether Rocky will stand trial. A$AP Rocky attended in Los Angeles court on Monday (Nov. 20) to discover whether or not charges in his 2022 assault with a dangerous weapon case will be dropped. During the hearing, LAPD detective Frank Flores showed a video that purports to show the altercation involving the rapper & A$AP Relli which culminated in the gunshot. Authorities allege the rapper from Harlem, New York, is clutching a handgun in the video. The tape, obtained by TMZ, shows a man recognised as Rocky and another man, possibly Relli, tussling.

A$AP Illz steps in between the two men to stop the fight. Rocky comes back on screen, holding what seems to be a revolver behind his back. Another view of the incident depicts men fleeing the site. There was also audio. Three gunshots may be heard in it. Following the hearing, a judge determined that the prosecution had shown sufficient evidence to establish probable cause to prosecute Rocky with two separate charges of first-degree assault with a firearm. He is facing trial for reportedly shooting A$AP Relli. His next court date is set for January 8, 2024. A$AP Rocky’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina, is hopeful for a positive outcome.


A$AP Rocky Is Seen In A Video Holding A Gun Right Before Apparently Shooting A$AP Relli

A Judge decided on Monday that A$AP Rocky must stand trial on two felony gun assault charges stemming from his alleged shooting of former friend A$AP Relli on a California curbside nearly two years ago. The judge stated that prosecutors just needed to produce a “scintilla” of evidence to satisfy the court that there was reasonable cause to think the “Praise the Lord” rapper opened fire on Nov. 6, 2021, near the intersection of Selma Avenue and Vista Del Mar Avenue in Los Angeles. She reached her conclusion after prosecutors released a new footage of the alleged altercation on Monday. A man believed to be Rocky & another man, possibly Relli, start a tussle in the video, which has been obtained by TMZ. A$AP Illz- gets between both men to snap things up. Rocky reappears on the screen, holding what seems to be a revolver behind his back. Another view of the event shows men fleeing the site. Gunshots can be heard in the video. “In agreement with the defence, the court holds that there is no evidence of a shooting on the video.” “However, you can hear two shots in another section of the video,” Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge M.L. Villar stated as she issued her verdict. According to the court, “tempers became more intense on both sides” during the encounter, which she agreed with prosecutors.


In addition to the video, the judge stated that she reviewed Relli’s thorough evidence about the purported shooting and his claim that he was wounded by a bullet in his left hand. “In any case, Mr. Ephron appears to dance between the other people to avoid being shot.” “His testimony indicates that he was shot,” stated Judge Villar. Rocky, Rihanna’s boyfriend who has two children with the superstar singer, sat calmly at a defence table for his two-day hearing, which began Nov. 8. He was ordered to return to court on January 8, 2024, for a re-arraignment. “Yes, your honour,” the artist, real name Rakim Mayers, answered when asked if he was willing to wait that long for his subsequent appearance. A speck of proof suffices. It’s a hearing to determine probable cause. “The trial will be very different,” Mayers’ bulldog lawyer Joe Tacopina, who has represented high-profile clients such as Meek Mill, YG, and Donald Trump, said following the hearing. He claimed Relli, born Terell Ephron, lied under oath two weeks ago when he stated that he never requested millions of money in exchange for the criminal case being dropped.


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