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Amanda Nunes Retires in Style with Dominant Victory Over Irene Aldana at UFC 289!

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Amanda Nunes

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Amanda Nunes, a Brazillian mixed martial artist has finally announced her retirement, and that too after winning over Irene Aldana. Nunes has had a successful boxing career so far. She is considered among the top MMA fighters with several wins. Recently too she was having her battle in the ring with Irene Aldana which she won. Though it’s time for her to retire now.

Read ahead to know more about Amanda Nunes retires from boxing after winning over Irene Aldana.

A little about Amanda Nunes

Amanda Nunes is a popular UFC star from Brazil. She is known as one of the most successful women mixed martial artists. She has numerous records in her name. In fact, one of the greatest achievements of her gives her the title of the only woman to hold two titles in the promotion.


Though she might have played numerous matches in the boxing ring. The one that she played against Irene Aldana recently was one of the special matches for Amanda Nunes. Yes, Amanda Nunes had a fight with Irene Aldana recently and she even won it. However, she even made an announcement post her win.

Amanda Nunes retires after her win against Irene Aldana

Amanda Nunes has had a beautiful fighting career so far. Her journey was full of wins and opposites too. She has finally announced her retirement from her boxing career. Recently, after the win against Irene Aldana. Amanda Nunes announced that she is retiring.

She laid down her two UFC belts in the center of the ring and said “Tonight is the perfect night to retire”. She even went on to share her feelings on her retirement with all. Although fans of Amanda were upset to know about her retirement, they cheered for her throughout.


Amanda Nunes expresses herself post retirement

As Amanda Nunes went on to announce her retirement. She said, “My mum has been asking me so much to do this for so long. She can’t take it anymore. I want to enjoy everything that I’ve made. I want to travel a bit with my family”.

She further added, “i left my family in Brazil when i was so young for this dream but i never thought in my mind i would become a champion. But when i became a champion it was unbelievable”. Amanda’s fans have been proud of her journey so far and the fame she gained and will miss her in the ring.


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