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Amanda Knox and Husband Christopher Robinson Announce First Baby Eureka Muse

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Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox recently revealed that she gave birth to her first baby Eureka Muse.   

After revealing, she was surrounded by several media questions about why she did not talk about her pregnancy before.   

She politely responded that she was afraid of the paparazzi and did not want her child to suffer since birth. In her latest podcast, she announced that she gave birth to her first child, Christopher Robbinson.   

Who is Amanda Knox?  

Amanda Knox is a well-known American author, activist, and journalist. She faced many challenges in her life, and after such a long time, she is now happy with her current husband.   

In 2007, she was convicted for the murder of his fellow exchange student Meredith Kercher. Amanda was in jail for four years as the Italian Supreme Court definitively acquitted her.   

Amanda Knox
Image: The New York Times

It was a long and challenging course for her, and she knew that the paparazzi could make her life worse in this scenario. So, she always wanted to keep her loved ones in secret.   


In her latest interview, she said that she kept a secret to avoid questions about her baby when she got news of her pregnancy.   

During her trial period, she suffered a lot from the media, although she was a journalist. The media channels alleged her as a murderer and assassinated her character. It was then that she decided to keep all her relationships and life secret.   

What was Amanda’s reaction after knowing her pregnancy?  

Amanda hosts the podcast Labyrinths, where she revealed about giving birth to her daughter Eureka. She said to the listeners of the Labyrinths that she did not even think about pregnancy because she had always been in the horror of inducing the pain of giving birth.   

She told in the podcast that she recently had a miscarriage and was already in pain. Though she never thought to become pregnant after a recent miscarriage, she wanted to have a baby. When she suddenly started having abdominal pain.   


In her recent podcast, she talked about taking pregnancy tests, and then suddenly she realized that she was pregnant.   

It was an overwhelming time for the couple that, at the age of 38 years, she would finally start a new phase of life.  

She revealed the moments and reactions of her pregnancy on her latest podcasts. It was a happy moment for all the listeners who always wanted Amanda to have a happy life in the future.   


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