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Amanda Kloots And Alan Bersten Will Be in DWTS Finale: Are They Dating?

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Amanda Kloots and Alan Bersten

Amanda Kloots and her dance partner, Alan Bersten are speculated to have been dating after fans saw their chemistry on Dancing With the Stars. The pair also earned a score of 40 out of 40 this week, making them the first to receive a perfect score this season. They danced on ‘Live Your Life’, Nick Cordero who is Amanda’s late husband.

Their on-stage chemistry makes everyone question if they are dating each other. People are wondering if Amanda is back in the dating scene after her husband’s death last year, due to covid. 

Is Amanda Kloots Dating Alan Bersten?

According to the television personality, she has a beautiful relationship with Alan. In an interview with the US Magazine she said, “Well, Alan’s hard on me. I like tough love though. Like, it really does make me work harder, especially when I come in after a full day of work and I’m exhausted. I need him to push me.”


She also mentioned that they are best friends and work together through everything. 

While Alan Bersten agreed with his Dance partner and said, “These hardships only make us stronger. No one said it was ever going to be easy — and Amanda shows every week when she goes out there and her blood, sweat, and tears are left on the floor.” 

After this week the two are heading to semi finale and they couldn’t be happier. They also talked about the competition getting tougher every day which exhausts them but they push each other through it. 

The Performance That Got Them A Perfect Score-

Amanda and Alan paid tribute to Amanda’s husband Nick Cordero in their last performance. The heart-touching performance left everyone in tears, be it the judges, the hosts, or the audiences.  

Kloots has talked several times about her late husband. She has also told that her journey on the show is a tribute to her late husband. 

The performance earned them a score of 40 out of 40 which nobody has received earlier. 

Len Goodman, one of the judges said, “I saw the attack, I saw aggression, great movement across the floor — fabulous.”

While Derek Hough was left in awe after watching the performance. 

Fans showered the pair with praises on social media platforms. 

One Twitter user said-“I’m fully sobbing for Amanda Kloots right now. that is the most beautiful dance I have ever seen on this show. Phenomenal choreography from Alan. I’m  at a loss for words #DWTS”


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