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Allen Payne, The Jason’s Lyric Star Dead: Social Media Rumors Debunked

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Allen Payne

The fans of Allen Payne got shocked when the news floated about his sudden demise over the internet. Is he alive? Let’s find out about this news!

Is Allen Payne Alive?

Absolutely yes! Netizens went crazy after coming across the false news of the demise of Allen Payne. The rumor aired through a YouTube video stating about the sad death of ‘House of Payne’ Star Allen Payne. The video was uploaded on November 5th. The video got a huge amount of views counting to 235,105 and created a hoax. This has happened many times on social media that a hoax is created regarding the sudden death of many celebrities.

Who is Allen Payne?

Allen, 53-years-old, is an American actor. He has worked in more than two dozen films and television shows. The actor is well-known and famous for his role in the family sitcom- Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. Additionally, his role as Jason Alexander in a drama film- Jason’s Lyrics. Some of the other known works of Allen are Blue Hill Avenue and New Jack City

Allen Payne

Fans reaction over this hoax

On November 11, false news emerged over the microblogging site Twitter when fans started to question it.
One Twitter user posted and questions why do people create such rumors? The other asked if Allen Payne was really dead?

After finding the truth, netizens took it to Twitter and shared the good news that Payne is still alive. Many people felt disgusting about the inhumanity of sharing hoax news. One of the Twitter user tweets, why does social media always come up with death hoaxes? And blamed the YouTube video that was posted to pay tribute but, the celeb is ALIVE.
The other person questioned that; how can people take it so lightly and be comfortable with false news about a person’s death? Why did stranger make a tribute video on YouTube about Allen Payne passing?


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