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Alessya Farrugia Net Worth: How much does the 16-year-old Tiktok Star Earn?

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Alessya Farrugia

Alessya Farrugia is a Canada-based Tiktok star, YouTuber & social media influencer. She started her career at a very young age and gain fame at the age of 16 as of 2021. Alessya made a short video but videos of her are always creative and fans are love to watch her video. She got famous on Tiktok for sharing fascinating short videos. So far, she has earned over 1.5 million followers on the platform. In the year 2004 on 22 November, she was born.

Alessya Farrugia

When Alessya Farrugia start posting her videos

In September 2019 she start posting her videos. The genre of her videos are like dancing, lip-syncs videos, videos on trending songs. This is the reason she got media attention. After these videos she did something different, she made funny videos with smart and catchy captions. Farrugia has Earned a huge fan following by her impressive skills. Although, it is tough to act in from of the camera without any guidance. But she did it in an amazing way and beautifully. Her views on a video are in maximum number. Some of them are can’t let the hair get in the way’, ‘I kidnapped you after you told people I killed someone to be with you, ‘damn I look like a whole bull.


Alessya Farrugia’s net worth

Alessya is an outstanding Tik Tok star and she has progressed more than 900k followers on her account. The advertiser has been paying her a certain amount for the post she makes on social media. The moderate amount Alessya Farrugia has been receiving from sponsorship is around $540 – $900. Through her Instagram post, she earned hefty prices or a huge amount of money. For post, she earns approx $574.5 – $957.5. Just at the age of 16, she earning huge money. She will surely be living happily. She is beautiful from inside as well as outside. Male fans are dying to meet her. She is so natural.


Alessya Farrugia’s personal life

When we talk about her private life, she is a reserved person and could not be opened it. Nowadays she is dating Mariano Castano, who is also a Tik-Tok star. Who makes comedy content and funny videos for the fans are fans always liked it. Marian is 2 years elder than her.

Viewers said that Castano is one of the hottest guys on the app. Castano and Alessya met on social media and she instantly fell in love with him. The pair met each other a lot of moments before they dated each other. They started dating each other in 2019. They are the perfect couple.

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