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ACE Family Drama: Austin McBroom’s Meltdown as RV Gets Repossessed Behind Ex-Wife Catherine Paiz’s House

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Austin McBroom's

YouTube star Austin McBroom’s meltdown captured as his RV gets repossessed after being parked at his ex-wife Catherine Paiz’s house.

Austin McBroom, renowned for his role in the ACE Family YouTube channel, found himself at the center of a storm when his RV was repossessed, leading to a highly publicized meltdown. Here’s a breakdown of the dramatic events surrounding the incident.

The ACE Family: Rise to Fame and Divorce Announcement

Austin McBroom and his former partner, Catherine Paiz, shot to fame through their family-focused YouTube content. However, their announcement of divorce in January 2024, citing “irrevocable challenges,” sent shockwaves through social media circles.

In the aftermath of their split, McBroom’s behavior raised concerns among fans, particularly his excessive Snapchat postings and the decision to move into an RV parked near Paiz’s residence. Despite warnings from the neighborhood watch, McBroom persisted, leading to the eventual repossession of his mobile home on February 8.


The Meltdown: McBroom’s Anguish on Display

McBroom’s emotional turmoil was laid bare in a series of Snapchat videos capturing the moment his RV was towed away. His confrontation with the tow truck driver was marked by loud protests and admissions of financial mismanagement, as he confessed to leasing the vehicle and falling behind on payments.

In a bid to prevent the repossession, McBroom resorted to desperate measures, attempting to bribe the driver and even trying to drive off with the RV himself. However, he was ultimately left defeated, sitting forlornly on the ground, overcome with grief.

Subsequent Snapchats showed McBroom driving recklessly, fueling speculation about his mental state and the authenticity of his actions. Meanwhile, Paiz, while expressing her lack of understanding of McBroom’s coping mechanisms, offered her best wishes for his well-being.


The saga of Austin Austin McBroom’s RV repossession serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges individuals face during times of emotional upheaval. McBroom’s struggles highlight the importance of seeking support and managing distress in healthy ways. As the dust settles, one can only hope for a brighter future for McBroom and his family, both on and off-screen.


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