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5000 Character Quiz on TikTok: How To Participate In The Quiz?

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5000 Character Quiz

TikTok/5000 Character Quiz


5000 Character Quiz, an interactive personality quiz created by Charactour has taken Tiktok by the storm. It tells one which fictional character do they closely match with.

Everybody is keen to know which fictional character they resemble. The 5000 Character Quiz has set the trend rolling. Several Tiktok users have taken the quiz and are excited to share the results of the same.

@propertyofjamesmfpotter apparently im ambitious and have anger issues #greenscreen #yerawizard #fypシ #characterquiz
♬ Breakin my heart – speedaudiios_

What is the Character Quiz?

The personality quiz recently seems to generate a buzz on Tiktok. The 5000 Character quiz derives data from similar descriptions and matches oneself with fictional characters.

The quiz shows characters from different genders and genres and analyses match with one closely. Although each question displays two characters, one can be matched with any character within the spectrum.

@drugst0recowgirl.jpeg the worst is at the end #greenscreen #characterquiz ♬ original sound – .

How To Participate In The Quiz?

Go to

On the main page, you will find a series of options placed one below the other.

Each of the options consists of a blue dot containing one character on each end, with four options.

You should drag the blue dot to indicate which of the traits represent you the most.

For instance, you can either resemble Elle Woods from ‘Legally Blonde’ or be like Batman or any of the 5000+ choices between them.


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