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Twitch Revolution: Expanded Partner Plus, No Earnings Cap, and Prime Subscription Overhaul Win Praise and Concerns

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In a groundbreaking move, Twitch, the popular live streaming platform, has announced significant updates to its Partner Plus program and Prime Subscriptions, eliciting a wave of positive responses from the streaming community. These strategic changes, set to take effect in May 2024, are designed to empower content creators further and enhance the overall streaming experience for both creators and viewers.

Twitch – Expanded Partner Plus Program: Lower Thresholds and Affiliates Inclusion

Twitch introduced the Partner Plus program last year as a response to concerns about the altered subscription split. In the recent expansion, a new tier has been introduced with a substantially lower threshold of 100 points. To qualify for this tier, streamers need to maintain 100 paid tier 1 subscriptions over three consecutive months, excluding gifted subs. Notably, the threshold for the coveted 70/30 revenue split has been reduced to 300 points, opening the doors for Affiliates to benefit from this enhanced revenue system.

No Earnings Cap: Liberating Content Creators

One of the most groundbreaking changes is the removal of the $100K cap on earnings through the 70/30 revenue split. Previously, when a streamer reached $100K in net revenue, they would revert to the standard 50/50 split. Twitch’s decision to eliminate this cap is a direct response to community feedback, demonstrating their commitment to supporting content creators and fostering success on the platform.

Twitch: Revamped Prime Subscriptions: Fixed Payout Rates and Global Adjustments

In a move to ensure sustainable growth without compromising the viewer experience, Twitch has revamped the Prime Subscriptions system. Prime Subscribers, who receive a free monthly subscription with their Amazon Prime membership, will now contribute to streamers with a fixed payout rate set by the platform. The payout rates will vary by country and are scheduled to go into effect from June 3, 2024. For instance, the new rates include $2.25 in the USA, $1.80 in the United Kingdom, and $0.60 in Brazil.

Community Reactions: A Mix of Enthusiasm and Concerns

The community’s response on various platforms, including X, reflects a mix of enthusiasm and concerns. Many streamers have expressed excitement about the expanded Partner Plus Program, celebrating the lower thresholds and the removal of earnings caps. The move is seen as a significant step towards creating a more inclusive and rewarding environment for streamers at all levels. However, some members of the community have raised concerns about the changes to Prime Subscriptions, emphasizing potential downsides and calling for further clarification from Twitch.

Twitch’s commitment to adapting its programs based on community feedback showcases the platform’s dedication to empowering content creators. These changes, set to roll out in May 2024, herald a new era for Twitch, promising a more dynamic, inclusive, and rewarding experience for streamers and viewers alike. As the platform continues to evolve, it solidifies its position as a trailblazer in the world of live streaming, setting the stage for a thriving community and innovative content creation.


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