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Rhapsody Apex Legends Mobile Release Date: Everything You Need To Know

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Apex Legends

The free-to-play shooter game Apex Legends is soon arriving with its new character Rhapsody. While the lovers of this game have since long been waiting for any updates on it. Currently we know that its new character is exciting everyone. Well, if you are excited to know from where you can play this character. Then here’s all the updates on it.

Read ahead to know more about Rhapsody, a new character coming up in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends: Mobile season 2 arriving soon

While you’ve had the game of Apex Legends: Mobile season 1 in 2019 to play. It’s certainly been a long time since you got the other season of it. No doubt in between we even had the pandemic to halt everything. But now we have got the release date for the season 2 of it.

Hence excited gamers can have the Apex Legends: Mobile season 2 to arrive on July 12th this year. So, there’s just a few days left in having it to play. But yes, most important of all is that the season 2 has introduced another character to the game. Which you surely don’t want to miss out. But who’s that?

Apex Legends: Mobile season 2 gets a new character

For all the excited game lovers of Apex Legends: Mobile, the second season of it is introducing you all with Rhapsody. Yes, a female character that’s full of potential to blow away boredom in the game. As the character is coming for the first time in the game. There’s lots of things you must know about her.

Rhapsody is a DJ in the game who would be accompanied by her friend Rowdy. Rowdy is again a robot friend of Rhapsody. Where Rhapsody is there in the game to earn cash to help her family come out of the debts. The most exciting part of this new female character is its powers.

As you get her with Gifted Ear that helps in visualising the sound from an extended range. Hype Anthem helps her with recharging shields and the speeding up the squad members as the powerful track plays. The next power of hers is Rowdy’s Rave which lets a flashing light wall interrupt the incoming sight and scans.

Is Rhapsody available on other platforms of Apex Legends?

Currently, we have this new Rhapsody character to be available for Mobile only. Which makes it available for Android and iOS only as “Mobile first” character. However, that’s only the update about it for July.

Hence, you’ll always have a chance to get it on other platform in future. But all you need to do now is wait for it to try on Apex Legends: Mobile in season 2.


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