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Grace Van Dien Claps Back at FaZe Rain’s Controversial Remarks, Highlights Gender Bias in FaZe Clan

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Grace Van Dien



FaZe Rain isn’t happy with Stranger Things star Grace Van Dien getting into FaZe Clan and now the latter has reacted to the comments of Rain. Well, although it isn’t the first time that some celebrity has got into a deal with an esports organization. Grace Van Dien’s new journey with FaZe Clan hasn’t gone well with FaZe Rain.

Read ahead to know more about Grace Van Dien reacts to the comments of FaZe Rain over the former getting into FaZe Clan.

Stranger Things actor Grace Van Dien to join FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan has been a popular esports organization that’s been growing with its members. While there have been even celebrities joining the organization. We recently had an announcement about Stranger Things actress Grace Van Dien joining the organization as well.

It was on 25th May 2023 that FaZe Clan announced that Grace is soon to join the organisation. A short video of the Stranger Things actor Grace was shared too. However, post this announcement reactions have flooded social media. One of which is from FaZe Rain or Nordan Shat.

FaZe Rain not happy with Grace Van Dien joining FaZe Clan

Though fans of Grace Van Dien must have been happy to know she is to join FaZe Clan. She has been having a good number of followers even on Twitch. But it seems like FaZe Rain isn’t someone who is really happy to see Grace Van Dien in the esports organisation.

The signing of Grace Van Dien into FaZe Clan has been said to be a “political” move by FaZe Rain. Post which there has been a lot of debate going on social media. In fact, Grace Van Dien has herself come ahead to speak on the whole comment by Rain.

Grace Van Dien breaks silence on critical comments of FaZe Rain

Ever since the debate began on announcement of Grace Van Dien joining FaZe Clan. Everyone was keen to have Grace’s reaction to the same. Recently, via a stream Grace broke her silence on the critical comments by FaZe Rain as well to address the whole issue.


She said “I just want to put a trigger warning….so if you need to leave the live i understand. There might be some things that you don’t want to talk about right now which is totally fair but i need to talk about”.

On the comments of Rain, Grace said “I would have been more prepared for this bigger hatred wave. Instead, he didn’t do that. I, in response to him saying they’re using me as a poster child said get f**king wrecked and he didn’t like that”. Not to forget, Grace believes Rain was critical of her because she “is a girl”.


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