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Get Ready to Play: Roboquest Release Date Revealed in Action-Packed Trailer!

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Roboquest is a fascinating & fast-paced robot first-person shooter roguelite videogame that promises to embark players on an amazing adventure. This explosive game, created by RyseUp Studios, permits gamers to battle foes with a range of weapons & upgrades. Roboquest allows players to go on the adventure alone or with allies to combat adversaries together. Handcrafted firearms that may be modified are featured in the game, giving players a unique and customised combat experience.

Every run in the game strengthens players as they move through gorges, energy plants, and sci-fi cities. Roboquest guarantees a thrilling adventure for aficionados of the first-person shooter category with its gorgeous visuals and fast-paced gameplay. As players try to earn increasingly powerful weapons, perks, skills, and improvements, the game’s roguelite aspects assure limitless replayability. Roboquest is a game that ensures great action and enthusiasm, regardless you like taking on the obstacles alone or with company.

Roboquest Official Release Date And Trailer Announcement

Roboquest, an extremely fast first-person shooting game (FPS), will officially publish its 1.0 edition on November 7th, according to Starbreeze Entertainment as well as developer RyseUp Studios. The game will be accessible through Steam®, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass, and Epic Games Store for $24.99 SRP. The improved launch edition will include a large amount of additional material that will expand on the game’s fluid, fast-paced mobility and firearms with all-new stages, side missions, power-ups, enemy kinds, weapons, perks, and even more!


Roboquest is a fast-paced FPS with roguelite gameplay that can be played solo or in a two-player co-op, allowing players to pair up with a brobot in order to take down foes together. Players will need to develop formidable synergies with a selection of homemade weapons as well as unique upgrades in order to stay an important and formidable guardian across their runs. Unlock strong technology to assist players in navigating canyons, energy plants, and sci-fi cities. Customise your character as well as playstyle as you progress through the game, and enhance your base to gain permanent upgrades.

Image Via Xbox

What to Anticipate with the Enhanced Launch Version

Roboquest’s formal release promises a plethora of additional content, increasing its already smooth, fast-paced mobility and exciting gunplay. Players can expect:

  • Slick Controls & Refined Gameplay: Enjoy a gaming interface that is both intuitive and responsive.
  • Diverse Classes: Choose from up to six separate classes, each with its own set of skills as well as upgrades, enabling you to customise your play style.
  • Extensive Arsenal: You’ll have over 70 diverse weaponry to choose from, including traditional rifles, crossbows, bolters, and even more.
  • Several Difficulty Levels: Roboquest has a variety of difficulty settings to accommodate players of all skill levels.
  • Gameplay Customization: Experiment with in-run upgrades to generate strong combinations.
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  • challenging Enemies: Face more than 70 diverse opponents and 10 tough bosses.
  • Quests and Secrets: Unlock new skills and upgrades by exploring levels, discovering hidden secrets, and meeting friendly robots.
  • Basecamp Improvements: Improve your basecamp to receive permanent benefits that will help you progress in each run.
  • Diverse Levels: Set out on an adventure throughout more than 15 varied levels, each with its own soundtrack and distinct images.
  • Colourful and intriguing cinematics provide a closer peek into the game’s tale.
  • Discover Lore: As you discover you will unearth bits of lore regarding the enthralling world of Roboquest.
  • Over 70 achievements are available to pursue, providing replay value to your game experience.
  • Collectables: To finish the in-game Museum, hunt down adversaries & acquire cards that include both enemies and weaponry.
  • Banger Soundtrack: Dive into the game’s terrific soundtrack, expertly developed by Noisecream.

Roboquest’s release date guarantees an explosive, immersive gaming encounter, making it a must-have for any fan of the first-person shooter genre. Roboquest is primed to flourish as a fan favourite thanks to its richness of content, outstanding gameplay, and affordable pricing point.


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