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Far Cry 6 Final Preview: Dani’s Missions and Trailer

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Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 has created hype among the audience as it is the most anticipated game of the time. The excitement is multiplied with a Hollywood face on its front. This is going to be super fascinating. Ubisoft has made the game adventurous with many amazing features.

At the beginning of Far Cry 6, you will be at the roof with some friends having drinks. But suddenly, there’s an uproar on the ground, and when you look at it, the soldiers of President Anton Castillo’s army started firing upon the civilians.

However, Lita tries to control Alejo but she couldn’t. Alejo’s anger landed them in big trouble as he threw his beer bottle on soldiers abusing Anton Castillo. Therefore, the soldiers placed his head on gunpoint but Lita and Dani become successful in evading them. They ran towards a boat and were relieved as they thought they were safe. But then, the boat stopped and Castillo came out of it.

Far Cry 6

When one of the bodyguards of Castillo murdered a refugee, Castillo spotted a small boy who turned out to be his son- Diego. He tried to convince him to let the people go but Castillo didn’t listen to him. He ordered the army to start a fire on the ship.

Later, Lita was injured badly and she was bleeding. She passed the information to Dani about the rebels. After some time, she died. However, Dani tried to escape from Yara.

Far Cry 6: Dani’s missions

Dani got the first mission to find Juan Cortez, a former agent. Dani found him at the bar. But the firing started as Castillo’s people were also looking for him. Later, as they started to go to the camp, Juan said that he wanted to stop the FND supply drop. He makes a plan to scavenge the supplies along with Guapo. And later, he would make special bullet types for the enemies.

Far Cry 6

Juan told Dina about the next mission which was to extort uranium from Castillo’s forts. There were many guards at the fort. But Dina managed to find ways to reach uranium. After killing the officer, Dina took the uranium and went back to the camp.

Back to the camp, Dina got his first Supremo- a weapon. After crossing many difficulties, Dina finally reached El Este island and finds Yara very big. The game is very adventurous and interesting. It’s releasing soon, so set your countdowns to play the most heroic and courteous game of the season- Far Cry 6.

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