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EA “Giving Away” Two Battlefield 1 and 4 Expansion DLCs for Free

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Battlefield Free

Battlefield fans! Get ready to acclaim free Battlefield content. Specifically, DLC for Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1. Most importantly! The downloadable content is limited! So grab your opportunity ASAP. 

What does this content include?

Previously, Battlefield 2042 release gets delayed by nearly one month. This is due to the COVID-19 situation. Now, EA releases this fun content for free and it seems to EA alleviating the disappointment made by EA. 

Now, looking into the pieces of content; Naval Strike DLC is one of the contents available for free. This allows the gamers to go over and battle across the South China Sea. The levels are designed around water-based combat. So, Naval Strike adding five new weapons to the kit and the hovercraft to scuttle around the waterways. 

Battlefield Free

Battlefield 1 Turning Tides DLC is also other free content available to claim. Also, based on water warfare, the beachfront; this definitely going to provide a new plot twist to Battlefield 1 Combat. Both these contents are available in the Xbox (or) Playstation stores in console (or) in Playstation website. One can search for it and download it. The deal appears to be available for only 3 days from now. Also, the content once downloaded it is available forever. 

Not to mention, this deal looks like a good deal especially for Xbox players because Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1 are free to play in EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The benefit is, Xbox and Xbox Game Pass’s value gets to grow as Xbox players are enjoying the Battlefield exclusively free content. 

A long wait till Nov.19th:

As of now, fans have to hold on for Battlefield 2042. Till then, fans can download and enjoy the free content of other Battlefield versions. As Battlefield 2042 is releasing on November 19th from October month. 

This form of the game is setting up to be somehow live service game, comes without single-player play. Although, the futuristic settings of Battlefield 2042 can change in major ways. Yet, there are also classic lovers out there to enjoy the traditional Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1. FYI, Battlefields 1 and 4 are out for PS3, PS4, Xbox, and PC. 

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