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AI-Designed ‘Celebrity Street Fighter’ Game Sparks Desperation Among Players

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Celebrity Street Fighter



AI has dropped another bombshell and it’s with a video game created called “Celebrity Street Fighter”. AI in the past few years has done the unexpected and yes it happened again. But this time it’s about a video game that everyone is talking about. So, what exactly is so interesting about the game Celebrity Street Fighter?

Read ahead to know more about AI’s creation of Celebrity Street Fighter and all about the game.

AI creates video game called Celebrity Street Fighter

AI in the past few years has come up to do so many fascinating things. But here’s another one that you might have missed. Yes, we are talking about the new AI-created video game called Celebrity Street Fighter. The video game is something you have already played but yet it’s different.

The video game idea was shared on Reddit to the users and the response on the same is unexpected. However, many of you don’t know what the Celebrity Street Fighter game is all about. Hopefully, here we are to let you know all about the same.

What’s the Celebrity Street Fighter game all about?

You may have played the Street Fighter game before. Well, the Celebrity Street Fighter is somewhat the same. But the only thing about the AI-created game is that it introduces celebrity players in the game. Yes, some of the popular politicians, businessman, and Hollywood star characters are present in the game.

For example, you get Donald Trump, Pope Francis, Will Smith, Miley Cyrus, Taylor, Swift, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, and many others in the video game. Each of these characters has their own specialty and look in the game like that of a street fighter.

Users’ reaction to the AI created game Celebrity Street Fighter

Reddit users were the first to react to the AI-created Celebrity Street Fighter game. In fact, the uniqueness of the video game by Midjourney is making everyone react differently on the same. For all those who have loved the Street Fighter game. They have been finding the celebrity version of it quite appealing.

While many of the users on social media found the Celebrity Street Fighter game to be funny. However, what would be interesting to know is whether this game would actually be playable in the future or not. As many have expressed their wish to play the game.


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