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Teen Titans Go! Season 7 Episode 16 Recap and Review

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Teen Titans Go! Season 7 Episode 16

Teen Titans Go Season 7 is back with another amazing episode- Episode 16. Teen Titans Go is a famous Kid’s animated series based on DC Comic Books Series – Teen Titans. But, Teen Titans Go includes more comedy since it’s specially designed for the kids.

Teen Titans Go! The main characters are Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven. This show was first released in 2013 and now it has successfully completed its 6 seasons. It has become immensely popular among kids.

Teen Titans Go! Season 7 Episode 15 – Recap

Episode 15 is titled ‘Manor and Mannerisms’. In this episode, we will see the story of Robin. As we all know that Robin’s real name is Dick Grayson. He was Billionaire Playboy Bruce Wayne’s son and visited his house for a ball.

Teen Titans Go! Season 7 Episode 16

He was very hopeful that he would be declared the heir of the mansion. But, other Titans ruined his plans. Other than this, we will get to see Bruce Wayne for the first time. We will also see Commissioner James Gordon in a minor role.

Teen Titans Go! Season 7 Episode 16 Preview

Episode 16 of Teen Titans Go! Season 7 is titled ‘Trans-Oceanic Magical Cruise’. This episode is going to be full of adventures since our favourite characters have headed off into the middle of the ocean.

Teen Titans Go Season 7 Episode 16

But, the cruise is filled with several dangerous tasks which our Titans will have to face. They will have to deal with fast cars and alien attacks. Apart from it, if we look at the title – ‘Trans-Oceanic Magical Cruise’ then the journey must be magical.


Where to watch Teen Titans Go?

You can see all the 328 episodes including the 16th Episode of Season 7 on Cartoon Network Channel and it has its website too. However, you can also watch Teen Titans Go Season 7 Episode 16 online on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, ITV, Warner Bros, HBO Max, Now TV, Sky, and Binge.

So, there is a variety of options to watch this show. Don’t miss out on the upcoming adventurous journey. Tell us your views regarding the show in the comments section below.

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