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Private Eyes Season 5 Episode 5 Release Date and Time Confirmed

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Private Eyes Season 5 Episode

Private Eyes Season 5 Episode 5: With Season 5 as the last season, the show is finally coming to its end. Private Eyes provided 5 successful seasons. Now, some of the final cases should be solved. In the latest episode, Matt decided to bring out his classic Porsche car which seemed pretty cool eventually, by the end of the episode the car was destroyed.

Previously on Private Eyes s5 Episode 4

In episode 4, Everything is about cars. Matt brings his Porsche and a dealer, Nicola can be seen trying to buy the Porsche. At the same time Lytnin, an old friend who comes with some bad history with Matt shows up. As Matt leaves his apartment, his car is missing. He confronts Lytnin as he thinks he stole it. But Angie advises him to search somewhere else for the car maybe the Vallet it was parked with. Matt and Lytnin can be seen asking around people around the city for the stolen Porsche, finally, they get a copy of CCTV footage.


Matt meets an old friend, Russell. They all leave to see Cameron and got to know that Cameron is in the hospital as he w as shot to be dead. Chancellor threats Don Shade running for mayor when she finds out that the van business has no license to hold. Danica and Jules find out about the Porsche.

Private Eyes Season 5 Episode

In turn, Julie helped Angie and Matt as well, who find out about the destroyed Porsche a little late. Matt gets to know that Lytnin is in need of money as he was attacked himself with his car gone. Matt and Angie suspect the security guard, and with the help of Lytnin, they get to know that it was Russell all along. With Russell, Nicola also gets caught and the episode ends with Matt and Lytnin getting along at the end.

Private Eyes Season 5 Episode 5 – Release Date & Time

Private Eyes Season 5 Episode 5 is set to release on Thursday, August 5, 2021, at 9 PM ET on Global. The title of Episode 5 is “Murder They Wrote“. The latest episode of Private Eyes Season 5 airs every Thursday.

Where to watch? You can watch Private Eyes Season Five online on Global. Season 5 is available for Global’s premium users. You can buy Global subscription from their official website.

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