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Kota Factory Season 2 Release Date Confirmed By Netflix

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Kota Factory season 2

Season 1 of Kota Factory provided us with determination, consistent friendships, and the ideal tutor. The show is about the hardships and difficulties of trying to be in one of India’s foremost prominent institutes. Makers are here with Kota factory season 2, this time on Netflix.
Season 1 of Kota Factory, which premiered on August 27th, offered viewers an insight into the life of characters who went towards becoming fan favorites.

On September 24th, 2021, season 2 of Kota Factory will stream on Netflix. It will cover the story of Vaibhav, a young student of Maheshwari, one of Kota’s most reputed training schools. It will also show his relationship with his friends and mentors.

What to expect from Kota Factory Season 2?

Like a director, I want to develop storylines that encourage and fascinate the audience throughout, director Raghav Subbu said about Season 2. The viewers will be captivated by the plot and great performances. I am pleased to offer quality content alongside Netflix’s varied viewers, he adds further.


Kota Factory viewers had been assuming 2021 to come to an end before seeing any fresh content. But season 2 of this reality series will return in late September, as Netflix confirmed. The official trailer gained over 1 million views in less than six hours after its release.
“Vaibhav, Uday, Shivangi, Meena, and Jeetu Bhaiyya” are a few outstanding characters seen in the Season 2 trailer.

Kota Factory

Characters on their Role

As Jeetu Bhaiya was not there at the end of Season 1, the viewers were curious. Audiences assumed that their favorite Jeetu Bhaiya is no longer teaching at the training center in the opening scene. He does, however, make a later return with some wise remarks.


Jitendra Kumar has a strong bond with his Jeetu Bhaiya role. It is because Jitendra was in Kota studying for the IIT entrance exam before he became an actor. When it came time for him to apply to IIT Kharagpur, he was successful.

With Kota Factory, Netflix delivers audiences a great story of difficulties, friendship, and rivalry. Created by The Viral Fever, a company that brings together some of the best talent and skills. This show truly inspires you to work on your dreams. While you wait for Season 2 to launch, binge-watch the whole first season on Netflix.

This series is a combination of the reality and emotional depth of student life. It shows the decisions and problems of young students not only in Kota but around the nation. So, Keep an eye out for Kota Factory on Netflix.

Stay Tuned for other updates from Netflix.

Kota Factory Season 2: Netflix Trailer

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