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Michael K Williams List of movies You can watch now on Netflix

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Michael K Williams

Michael K Williams movies: There are a plethora of movie performers that deserve respect and admiration from both reviewers and spectators.

Everyone has their preferences, and limiting down the list may be difficult. On the other side, you may hear movie and Television fans arguing for actors who have that unique touch; who improve whatever they’re in, and seldom provide anything other than stellar performance.

Many people have fought over Michael K Williams for this purpose. 

In 1966, American actor Michael Kenneth Williams was born. “The Wire’s” Omar Little and Boardwalk Empire’s Albert “Chalky” White were two of his most memorable roles. His portrayal of Bessie Smith’s husband Jack Gee in the HBO movie Bessie was likewise well-received. Numerous movies and tv programs featured him in minor parts.
For Supporting Role Actor in a Short Movie or Tv show, Williams got five Primetime Emmy nominations. Along with Outstanding Supporting Actors in a Drama Series, and Outstanding Informational Program or Special.

Michael K Williams

He’s a TV icon, and his relatives, associates, admirers, and coworkers are heartbroken to learn of his death on Monday. He died on September 6th, 2021, at the age of 54.


While fans ponder on and search out his television work, it’s important to remember how many classic movies he’s appeared in. It’s absolutely worth watching some of those or viewing some treasures you have not yet seen for a while if you want to honor the Iconic actor’s lifestyle.

Michael K Williams Movies: Streaming on Netflix

So here are some Movies of Michael K Williams on Netflix for you to stream and honor this great actor who gave life to his iconic characters.

1. Arkansas

Arkansas is a crime thriller film, directed by Clark Duke who also has a lead role. The movie is a slow-burner with things moving slowly yet effortlessly.


2. Assassin’s Creed

If you’ve played an Assassin’s Creed game, you’ll realize that the story is in a completely unique universe from the games, but is still related to the games. It’s a fairly well-written film. The action is great and actually brings a lot of things from the games. The dialogue is great, too.

Michael K Williams movie Assassin's Creed

3. Ghostbursters (2016)

A thorough entertainer. The leading cast did justice to their roles including Chris who was an absolute sport being the character he played! Its witty script is infused with slapstick and deadpan humor and an engaging cast. If you could read in between the lines, there’s a lot to laugh about and also a message sent out to the stereotypes floating around.

Ghostbursters (2016)

4. Gone Baby Gone

G one baby gone is one of those movies where you leave it questioning those choices you would have made in that situation. Ben Affleck did a great job directing. Casey and Michelle convincingly portray a couple who support each other. But also have different views and have to deal with those differences along with the consequences.

Michael K Williams movie Gone Baby Gone

5. When They See Us

The history of America is not as great as the books try to make it seem. This adaptation of the famous case of The Central Park Five highlights the life of discrimination. Exposes the crooked justice/ legal system, and the brutal truth of living life inside and after being incarcerated.

When They See Us

A tribute to Michael

Michael K Williams’ unfortunate death was felt throughout the globe, and his kindness, talent, and brilliance certainly impacted millions.

Coworkers, followers, relatives, and family have all flocked to Twitter. They are there to pay respect to his accomplishments, writing a number of wonderful and genuine tribute messages. 

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