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Eternals Movie Review: Characters & Storyline Explained

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Eternals Movie Review

Eternals was indeed an action-packed, enthralling, and riveting movie. We got to see another complex but nerve-calming side of the MCU universe.

“Eternals” isn’t your typical MCU movie. It is definitely something out of the marvel norm, darker and more mature but without losing the light moments which maintain the Marvel Magic.  The director did an excellent job in explaining the interesting side stories of the characters, along with making sure that the movie does not lose its pace. We witnessed some really good fighting scenes too. And what’s best? The movie covered a vast variety of themes, like love, friendship, and maturity. The characters too did not fail to touch the hearts of the audience.

Eternals Characters

The movie revolves around 10 Eternals: Thena, Goddess of War,  Makkari; with superspeed, Sersi, who can manipulate inanimate matter, Ikaris, with great strength and laser beams, Ajack, the matriarch of The Eternals, Kingo, whoshoots cosmic energy with his hands, Phastos, master inventor and expert at technology, Gilgamesh, physically the strongest, Druig, who can manipulate the mind of others, Sprite, the one who can create illusions.


Eternals Plot

The Eternals at the starting of the movie were tasked to destroy the deviants, who were feeding on the human population. But soon, the plot takes a 360 turn where the Eternals realize that the actual mission is to help feed the celestial on humans so that one day the emergence takes place where the celestial comes out of the Earth. It is pretty intense and dark, right?  The Celestials are the cosmic energy generators of the universe responsible for the birth of the galaxies of the world.


So in the starting of the Earth, the seed of the future celestial was planted. And let’s say the planet’s future was doomed since then because for the celestial to come out it means that all the Earth’s land, flora, fauna, and humans would be destroyed.


When Arisham, the all-great celestial tells the Eternals about this through Sersi, some turn against it while some turn against the ones who turned against it.

The Mid And Post-credit Scenes

The mid and post-credit scenes could be considered massive cliffhangers.  The scenes involved the introduction of some major characters like Thanos’s brother, Eros (whose role is being played by none other than the worldwide sensation, Grammy winner, Harry Styles himself)


But one thing is for sure, that the marvels are all set to dive into the cosmic side of the universe and astound us even more. We can’t wait for the second part.


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