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is Wilmer Valderrama as Special Agent Torres Leaving NCIS?

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Wilmer Valderrama

NCIS fans are eagerly anticipating the return of their favourite CBS drama. People were already worried about Wilmer Valderrama’s character, Torres, before the new episode aired on Monday night. Wilmer Valderrama gave an exclusive first peek at the new season 19 episode “Last Dance” on April 13. Torres discusses a criminal seeking vengeance after serving time in prison with Vance (Rocky Carroll) and Parker (Gary Cole) in a 30-second Instagram clip. Torres himself is the intended victim.

NCIS: What is the current storyline?

According to the excerpt, Reymundo Diaz (Joseph Melendez) waited six years after being apprehended during an undercover operation to confront Torres. Diaz appears to be looking for a battle, and Torres is as prepared as he can be — but he’s alone. In the Instagram video, Vance said to Torres, “A convicted killer with access to real firepower is chasing you.” He said, “Then we’d better find him first.”


The fans’ reaction to Wilmer Valderrama leaving his role as Special Agent Torres on NCIS?

Many fans’ minds quickly jumped to the possibility of Torres dying in action after seeing the NCIS special agent in the heart-pounding circumstance. “Please don’t die,” one commenter wrote in the comments area, prompting Wilmer to answer, “. Ooohh… no!” exclaimed another. Please take precautions! We can’t afford to [lose] you as well.” Furthermore, some keen fans have noticed that Wilmer’s Instagram account was not mentioned in the latest NCIS season 20 announcement. Others believed that the actor’s departure from NCIS could be for other reasons. “I know you’re playing Zorro, but I really hope they don’t murder Torres.” It’s too much for my heart!” Wilmer’s future appearance in Disney’s live-action Zorro was mentioned by someone else. However, many fans were overjoyed to see NCIS episodes dedicated to Torres’ past.

How does Wilmer Valderrama’s Instagram post convey his message?

Wilmer Valderrama teased what’s to store for his character in a series of Instagram postings shortly after his first post about the new episode. “Every case has its own set of ramifications… They don’t just vanish.. and for Torres, the past is now again,” he wrote on one of his Instagram posts. Wilmer Valderrama then provided some additional details in an April 16 Instagram post. In a subsequent Instagram video, the special agent was compelled to confront his personal and professional background, which included his father and Bishop (Emily Wickersham). We’re crossing our hopes that Wilmer and Torres won’t be forced to leave NCIS.


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