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Tokyo Revengers Episode 23 Release Date, Time, Recap & Spoilers

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Tokyo Revengers Episode 23

In the final episodes of Tokyo Revengers, the story could turn upside down. Kazutora can lose his position to be a ruler of Tokyo. One thing is for sure, he loses his friend in the fight. The fans waited eagerly for Episode 22. There is no need to wait now! We have come to give all the details about Episode 22 and at the end of the article, there is an Episode 23 spoiler of Tokyo Revengers. Do check out that too!

Before we begin, The Tokyo Revengers episode 22 was released on September 5th; This Japanese anime is available on Netflix and Crunchyroll. Here we go, let us begin!

Tokyo Revengers Episode 22: Recap

The title of this episode is One For All. The title symbolically mentions the winner of the War of The Bloody Halloween. After Baji’s self-sacrifice made Kazutora realize that he made the blunder. Mikey good man yet he is unwilling to admit the mistake but, he wants to become the leader of all the 3 gangs. Takemichi is revolting against his guardians and struggling to stop Mikey. Such a breathtaking goodbye to Baji. He fought for his friends but his friends didn’t save him. Such a loss. He truly sacrificed his life for his friends in the Bloody Halloween fight. The funeral made them a reveille to their entire life.

Moreover, this episode has a flashback. That is about the origin of the gang Toman. Toman gang was formed by the Brave Baji, who sacrificed his life for his friends. Draken and Takemichi are stubborn to keep Baji’s promise to take care of this gang. Because of the flashback, it is clear that Baji is no more living, yet, he lives in everyone’s heart. No one could replace such a good friend.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 23

Initially, Baji was shown as a studious, self-reliant person. When Chifuyu was beaten by gangsters, he stepped up alone and beat all being alone. Baji was a true hero. Truly, This episode made him become from zero to hero.

This episode remains a delinquent one. The mop-top suit made Chifuyu be in laid-back attitude. Whereas, Baji remained as a studious Poindexter person Chifuyu is eager to learn about his history. To everyone’s surprise, is an active gangster in the past.

Baji always likes to write a letter to Kazutora since in Juvie. He has always been a good friend to him.

Mikey’s message to Kazutora made him how pure Mikey is now. When they started the Toman gang, their pledge is to protect each other. But unfortunately, they gave up Baji. Kazutora was indeed the reason for Toman’s destruction, yet he also had the same reason who started it.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 23

The Name Black Dragons mentions here is left as Spoiler to Episode 23. The end of this season and brand new seasons are on their way. Also, this is where Takemitchy takes the respect as the protagonist.

This episode ends with a surprise note that Kazutora is also a part of the gang, announced by Mikey. Yet, Kazutora is the only person responsible for the demolition of his team member, Baji.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 23: Spoilers 

Tokyo Revengers might feature a new plot after Takemichi saving Mikey and taken Baji’s legacy.

In episode 23, Baji’s sacrifice didn’t go to waste. He saved his friends even after his death. For sure, Kazutora is now guilty side cause he is truly responsible for Baji’s demise.

Their gang remains unmoved, due to their sudden happenings to their beloved friend. Yet, after coming up from all the drastic happenings, sadness, and failure. He finally takes up his new position as the gang leader.
Later, Draken and Takemichi meet each other. Whereas, Draken is homeless. They remember their beautiful moments in a picture.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 23

At the end of the scene, Takemichi saw Emma and followed her. When Emma meets Mickey, Takemichi thinks she doesn’t like him. Surprisingly, Takemichi finds that Emma is none other than Mikey’s Sister. Thank God, Takemichi’s air got cleared for Emma.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 23: Release Date and Time

Tokyo Revengers Episode 23 is set to release on Sunday, September 12, 2021, at 2:08 AM JST on Crunchyroll. The title of Tokyo Revengers Episode 23 is “End of war“. Episode 23 is directed by Rion Kujō and written by Yoriko Tomita.

Here are the times in different timezones –
  • Pacific Time -12 PM PDT on Saturday, September 12, 2021
  • Central Time – 2 PM CDT on Saturday, September 12, 2021
  • Eastern Time – 3 PM EDT on Saturday, September 12, 2021
  • British Time – 8 PM BST on Saturday, September 12, 2021
  • European Time – 9 PM CEST on Saturday, September 12, 2021
  • Australia Time – 4:30 AM ACST on Sunday, September 13, 2021

Where to watch?

Where to Watch? You can watch Tokyo Revengers Episode 23 online on Crunchyroll. You can buy a Crunchyroll subscription online and enjoy the latest episodes of Tokyo Revengers. You can watch Tokyo Revengers Episodes with English sub on Crunchyroll.

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