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The Faraway Paladin: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Trailer

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The Faraway Paladin

The Faraway Paladin is a Japanese novel series. It was written by Kanata Yanagino and illustrated by Kususaga Rin. It becomes serialized in May 2015. Till now, 4 volumes of the series are released. The characters in this series are Will, Blood, Mary, Gus, Menzel, Gracefeel, and Stagnate.

The Faraway Paladin: Release Date

The trailer of the series was launched on the 29th of August. The trailer received a lot of love from fans. Fans are going crazy to know about the release date. Anime fans are excited about the release. People are so excited about the release date that they even trend this question on Twitter. They have also filled up the comment section for creators to know about the release date. But finally, their waiting period is over. The Faraway Paladin is going to release on the 9th of October

. They have also launched the theme song and second trailer a few weeks ago. It also received immense love from the audiences.

The Faraway Paladin: Plot

The series is based on one human child who remains alive in the city of death. His name is Will. There were three warriors in the story. Their name was Blood, Mary, and Gus. This series is about how left out warrior found his ways and purpose in life.

The Faraway Paladin


As it is an animation movie, it has animated characters. The first character is Will. He was left alone. The second character is Blood. Blood is a warrior who raised Will. The third character is Mary. He also raised Will. Other characters are also there like Menzel, Gracefeel etc.

Trailer and Visual

The novel received a manga adaptation in 2017. The visual is released by the official team. The visual shows Will, a warrior. After that, another illustration was created by the author. In this, the celebration of light is shown. Then the trailer is released. In this trailer, characters like Marie, Brad and Augustus are introduced. The trailer

starts with the baby, Will. Mary holds him in his lap. Then other characters like Menzel are also introduced.

At the ending of the trailer, Will is seen greeting the goddess of flames and eternal flux. In the series, the journey of Will is seen by everyone. Will is a warrior grown up with many questions in his mind. He grows up with the values like to love everyone and be merciful like God. His journey would include his first step as a Paladin. It would be a journey of self-discovery and knowledge.

The movie is interesting and tills now received many good responses from fans.

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