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The Demon Girl Next Door Season 2 Release Date, and Everything You Need To Know

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The Demon Girl Next Door Season 2

The Demon Girl Next Door season 2 is returning to flood us with adrenaline. The anime’s season 1, originally debuted in 2019, included a slew of adorable episodes that gave us a dopamine rush. Yet again, the anime is relying on the sweetness of the two protagonists to fascinate its audience.

Despite the lack of a ground-breaking concept, the anime was praised for its lovely animation style and peaceful narrative. It’s really the ideal anime to view after a long day at work to relieve stress. The lovely trips in the anime are more than enough to make everyone feel at ease. Numerous people praised the show’s charm and laid-back premise, prompting calls for The Demon Girl Next Door season 2. 

The Demon Girl Next Door Season 2: Release Date

The anime’s second series is called The Demon Girl Next Door 2-Chome. The animation would be released in April 2022, after such a two-year wait. A particular release date has yet to be determined. The series will air on TBS as well as BS11 in the United States. There’s been no word about which service will be licensed to show it to overseas audiences.


The Demon Girl Next Door Season 2: Trailer & Cast

On January 27, 2022, a trailer showing more charming scenes from the anime’s season 2 was released. In The demon girl Se ason 2. All of the members of the cast of Season 1 will reprise their roles. As their character profile, Yuko Yoshida will be by Konomi Johara. Momo Chiyoda will be Akari Kito. Lilith will by Minami Takahashi. Mikan Hinatsuki will be by Tomoya Takayanagi. Anri Sata will be by Ayaka Suwa. Sion Ogura will be by Hiromi Owada. 


The Demon Girl Next Door Season 1: Recap

The first season of The Demon Girl Next Door ended with a bang. Yuki tries to get to understand Momo better and learn further about her. As a result, she continues to explore her dreams. Her desire drives her to compromise her outward shields at the end. When she finally breaks through, she encounters an alert Momo who provides additional information to her.

She informs Yuko regarding a family mystery that her father has kept hidden in her home. Seiko arrives with further data as Momo wakes appears and says her concerning Sakura, Momo’s sibling. Sakura had intervened in the family curse to ensure Yuko’s safety. Momo’s father, Joshua, was indeed put away in a carton 10 years ago, according to Seiko. Sakura has done everything correctly before she vanished.

The Demon Girl Next Door Season 2

Momo is caught off guard when she hears the information and flees. Yuko, accepting responsibility for everything, pursues Momo. She asks Momo to be using her as just a subordinate in the search for Sakura. Momo, on the other hand, had to give that up becoming a magical woman. And will become weaker as a result. She, on the other hand, declines to do so and instead asks Yuko. To assist her in her search for Sakura. Momo also vows that she has only become Yuko’s vassal if she is successful over her.


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