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SCARLET NEXUS Episode 6: Release Date, Recap & Much More

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SCARLET NEXUS Episode 6 is the sixth episode of the SCARLET NEXUS anime series, directed by Hiroyuki Nishimora. The previous episode is going to focus mainly on Yuito and his Platoons. Episode 5 aired on 29 July 2021. It was titled “Karen’s Revolt”. Scarlet Nexus is a science fiction anime from Sunrise, based on the play station game by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

SCARLET NEXUS Episode 5: Recap

In the episode, Yuito’s squad returned to Suoh, while Kasano’s squad has disappeared in Kunad. The story opens with Major General Karen expressing her views to attack the South area, its government, and the people. Yuito, with his platoons, was all prepared to fight back against Major General Karen and her army as they anticipate Karen’s ideas. The psynet is down and there is no communication with Wataru – this makes Yuito afraid and now he must do something to save everyone from Karen and her army.


Chief Sumeragi tries a lot but was not able to communicate with other chiefs, causing havoc in the region. Yuito was projected with a mission to save every councilman. Karen tries to take everyone to his side by giving a speech on psynets, saying government uses it to enslave the population but Yuito and platoons decide to revolt and charges attack. He must win to save his pride. All this makes a lot of action sequences in a 23- minutes long anime episode which surely attracts everyone. The episode ends with Kasane killing Yuito’s dad, leaving us with a cliffhanger for episode 6.

SCARLET NEXUS Episode 6: Release Date & Time

SCARLET NEXUS Episode 6 is titled “A Doomed Tomorrow” and will be available on August 5, 2021, at 10:30 PM JST(Japanese Standard Time). The anime Scarlet Nexus episode 5 is rated 7 out of 10 and viewers are going crazy over the upcoming episodes as Yuito will be fighting for his pride.

Hiroyuki Nishimora is directing the series. the series premiered on July 1, 2021.

The release time will be:

  • 09:30 AM in USA
  • 02:30 PM in UK
  • 05:30 PM in UAE
  • 07:00 PM in India
  • 11:30 PM in Australia

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SCARLET NEXUS Episode 6: Preview

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