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Remake Our Life Episode 6 Release Date, Time & Other Details

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Remake Our Life Episode 6: Remake our Life! is a Japanese Light Novel Series written by Nachi Kio and illustrated by Eretto. Media Factory has created eight volumes and since July 3, 2021, an anime television series has been created by Feel Entertainment Ltd.

In this anime, Hashiba Kyouya is an aspiring game developer but as things got ugly for him, his company went bankrupt. He decided to return to his hometown. As he looks around he was looking at his friends becoming successful creators and feeling bad about his life decisions, he takes a quick nap and when he wakes up, his life has traveled ten years back to the time before he entered college. So will he be able to use this opportunity to make the best out of his life?

Remake Our Life Episode 5: Recap

In this episode, All the students are working on some project, and Kyouya talks to Aki about receiving deliveries the next day. Kyouya is the person getting another chance to shape his life towards a better end. He is revived at a young age and will now work hard enough to get things right, she heard Kyouya’s heart beating faster, so she moved away from him, she told him that she got carried away, and embraced him since people always get worked up during the festival. Nanako, Shnaoki, Tsurayuki, and Kawasegawa are always around Kyouya. He said that he and the team are doing something unique even though they are having trouble.

Remake Our Life Episode 5

The team had a party, and the following day Kyouya arrived at the school with Genkiro. Kyouya realizes that the Arts School Festival will take place after three days. It is a famous and storied event in Kansai. Genki showed Kyouya a pamphlet of The Red Forest and provided it as a small present for Kyouya. The two went their ways and Kyouya decided to check the preparations on Maid Café. Aki and Nanko welcome him, showing him the new outfits and how they will perform. Nanako notices Kyouya is looking at their chests and tells him not to stare. Kyouya apologizes and then students plan what they will do when the festival begins.


Episode 6 Spoiler: In the next episode, Kyouya will be seeking more adventures and will keep trying to get the perfect ideas for new dresses for Maid Café.

Remake Our Life Episode 6: Release Date & Time

Remake Our Life Episode 6 will release on Saturday 7 August 2021, at 11:30 PM JST (Japanese Standard Time). According to the officials, the name of episode 6 will be “I’ll Try to Somehow“.

  • US – 10:30 AM CDT
  • Canada – 10:30 AM CDT
  • UK – 03.30 PM BST
  • UAE – 06.30 PM GST
  • India – 08:00 PM IST
  • Australia – 12.30 AM AEST (08 Aug)

Where to watch? You can watch Remake Our Life Episode 6 on Tokyo MX if you are in Japan. Crunchyroll is streaming all episodes worldwide.

Remake Our Life Episode 6 English Sub and dubbed version available on:

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Remake Our Life: Trailer

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