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Pokemon Journeys Episode 81 Release Date, Time, and Recap

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Pokemon Journeys Episode 81

Pokemon Journeys Episode 81 – When Pokemon and his friends started their mission called Mew, In the previous episode, they returning from Alolan nine towers and how do they finish their trial mission! Along with some interesting story plots and amazing animation, In this episode 80, they come to know about a mysterious old town where Shiny Volcarona lives. To everyone’s shock, they come across a mysterious man and who was then revealed as Pokemon Hunter. How do they succeed him? How will they come up from the situation? Let us see!

Pokemon is one of the popular anime shows of all time. In Tokyo, the Pokemon franchise premiered the next series called Pokemon Journeys on November 17th, 2019. This is season 23 episode 80. Until now, all the 80 episodes are welcoming between fans. Further, this article is all about episode 80 A recap, the release date of episode 81, and spoilers of episode 81.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 80 – Recap

This episode starts with Tsrugi and Asahi returning to Alolan towers to their home in Alola after he caught it in the previous Mew mission. The very next day they find out they got another new mission of Project Mew. They have been requested about their next interesting mission “Volcarona”. Immediately, Ash and Goh reach the Colossus ruined area. They come to know that a mysterious person was living in this place, possibly in the Volcarona. 

Pokemon Journeys Episode 81

Next, Ash and Goh start to explore the place, the abandoned place of mines near the old town. They enter the mine and go deeper and deeper with the help of the minecart and were shocked to see a Ferrothorn chasing a man. They go fight with the Ferrothorn with the help of Cinderace and save the man. But, Unfortunately, he is the “Pokémon Hunter” By the way, looking at the gleam in his eye it is clearly worth mentioning that he is up to do something mysterious. In his mind, he detects that the eggs they found out that are Larvesta eggs; and he mysteriously plans to take off with the eggs before our innocent guys get it. When he goes off with the eggs he jailed them with some sticky web.

Suddenly, when the real Larvesta shows up trying to save the eggs. the Larvesta attacks him and tries its best to save all the eggs. When he tried to attack them with Galvantula, they completely daze him and attacked him further. Moreover, the Larvesta grew wider and wilder and surrounds the eggs with Ash. There is a saying who starts it, must end it. Here, the same goes on. He starts the fire but the fire stops him from going with the eggs. Here it is important to note that, Tsrugi is a dark type trainer while Asahi is a water type trainer. So, the water pokemon proceeds further to cool down the place from fire. Unfortunately, the flames are too high for them. At least we have got the company of Inteleon to save them. 

Pokemon Journeys Episode 81

To everyone’s surprise, Another powerful shiny Larvesta appears. As this pokemon is Bug/fire pokemon, it evolves and sucks all the fire spreading all over the place and absorbs it. Later, the light was trapped in a jar. That helps them to succeed in their first trial mission. The episode doesn’t end there! 

The pokemon hunter waiting for them outside. Plus, he has got a backup “the Pickachu” who tried to jump into action against them. Fortunately, someone special appears. It is Asahi. She enters like a boss. This episode ties with the previous episode; When Asahi and Tsrugi send out Urshifu to defeat the terrible hunters of Alolan. She taught her friends about the rankings in “Project Mew” as well as announcing to them the first mission of successfully capturing Alolan Ninetales. 


Finally, this twist and turning episode end with Professor Hodaka congratulating them for their brilliant and brave effort.    

Pokemon Journeys Episode 81: Release Date and Time

Pokemon 2019 or Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode 81 is all set to release Friday, September 17, 2021, at 6:55 PM JST on TV TOKYO. The title of Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode 81 will be “Clash!? Blue Pokémania!”. Episode 81 Title in Japanese: 激突!?青ポケマニア!.

  • Central Time Zone: 4:55 PM on Friday
  • Mountain Time Zone: 3:55 PM on Friday
  • Eastern Time Zone: 5:55 AM on Friday
  • Hawaii Time Zone: 11:55 AM on Friday

Where to Watch? you can watch Pokemon Journeys: The Series or also known as Pokemon 2019 season 24 episodes online on Netflix and on TV TOKYO. The episode Pokemon Journeys Episode 81 will release with English Subtitles. New episodes of “Pokemon Journeys: The Series” drop every Friday.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 81: Preview


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