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Pokemon: 10 Interesting Facts About Ash Family You Didn’t Know

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Ash Family

Everyone ones the Pokemon series very well. The most famous character of the series is Ash. Fans are crazy about the series and him. Everyone knows him and his friends very well. But many few put their attention to the other characters of the series like the Ash Family. So, in this article, we will get to know some unknown facts about Ash Family-like Ash’s mother Delia and Ash’s father, etc.

Facts about the Ash Family-

1. Ash’s mother Delia Ketchum wants to become a Pokemon trainer. But she couldn’t become. So, she started learning about them. She works in a laboratory where she gains knowledge about Pokemon. Her fights are also very good as she has vast knowledge about Pokemons.

2. Once, Ash’s mother Delia Ketchum is dating the villain of Team Rocket. But no one knows what further happens between both of them. Even Ash doesn’t know about this.

Ash's mother

3. Earlier, Ash’s mother Delia was a part of Team Rocket. She was a member there. Everyone wonders why she is a part of that team but later she leaves that team. Ash didn’t know about this. 

4. Ash is weak in their studies. The reason behind this is that Ash’s father leaves Ash’s mother and Ash. So, her mother alone has to take the responsibilities of the house. So, he was not sent to a good school. Also, he helps his mother at home and didn’t take much interest in his studies.

5. Ash’s father leaves the home for Pokemon training. But he didn’t get success. Neither did he succeed nor he returns home.

6. Ash’s mother Delia Ketchum get married at the very early age of 18. So, she can’t fulfill her dream of a Pokemon trainer.

7. Ash’s mother is very young. She is also very beautiful. One photographer click her picture and that picture was published on the magazine’s front page. This signifies she is a beautiful girl in the whole town. She even along with the Pokemon trainer wants to become a model also but can’t fulfill this dream also. Ash doesn’t know about this also.

8. The writer of the Pokemon series promises fans that in Season 5 of the Pokemon Series “Master Quest“, Ash’s father will be revealed but it doesn’t happen. It is said that earlier they were planning it to be the last season, so they decide to reveal Ash’s father but later they drop the idea and Pokemon continues. So, that may be the reason they drop this idea of revealing Ash’s father now.

Ash's Father

9. Ash’s mother is a good cook. She earns her earnings only through cooking. Delia Ketchum owns a restaurant that is given by her mother to her. She cooks food there. The restaurant’s name is Pallet house.

10. In childhood, Ash didn’t have any friends in his life. He consider Gary as his friend but he didn’t consider Ash as his friend. So, he was all alone in his childhood. He plays games alone like climbing the tree, breaking the stones, etc.


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