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One Piece Episode 364 Release Date, Preview, and Recap

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One Piece Episode 364

One Piece Episode 364: This is the Episode which is the most exciting, adventurous, and interesting of all. As it contains very interesting scenes which is full of thrill and action. Here oden reacts similarly to Luffy to a greater extent. Here we are going to see how Oden saves Toki and how the love between oden and toki enhances and grows.

One Piece Episode 364 – Preview

Hey! “One piece” fans, Wait is over! The next episode to be out soon, but here the preview for the same is out now. In the episode, you will see Oden meeting with some new individuals outside the Wano. He meets toki on the same island, where save her from some thugs. Then later on v Whitbread returns to save them both.

Further, the preview shows that pirate king Gol D Roger is inquisitive about the story of Oden, and currently, he needs to fulfill him face to face. In One Piece Episode 964, a romance can grow between Oden and Toki. By the tip of the episode, they could find yourself along. The preview is additionally indicating constant. it’s additionally showing the baby boy of Oden and Toki. All of the fans already apprehend him as Mononoke. it’s possible that the fans also will see the Pirate King meeting Oden within the next episode.

One Piece Episode 364
One Piece Episode 364

Release date

The next episode of “One piece” is going to be out soon. The episode is going to be released this Sunday on 28-2-21, at 9:30 just stay connected for getting more information. You can approach various online platforms like Netflix, Funimation,  and, Crunchyroll, to watch it with English subs and enjoy it.

Previous episode recap

In the previous episode as You saw Oden and Whitebeard began to change their powerful blows, and Whitebeard said that he should not underestimate him. He jumped up and same Whitebeard is that the man that he has been looking ahead to. He should permit him to ride on his ship, and he unleashes Oden 2 weapons tyle: Paradise falls. Whitebeard notices that Oden isn’t tholding back, and he unleashes that super-powerful punch move.


There was so much cold so that air changed into the glass, one the clash between the two began to happen, Whitebeard enhances his super move. And when the glass got to break, Oden was sent flying in the air, when he received a strong jab on his face, then Whitebeard was standing in front of Oden And command him to leaveas he was irritating him. Kinemon arrived and aforesaid, however, dare you purpose the weapon system at him. he’sKuzaoki Oden the Daimyo, and Whitebeard started brooding about the title Daimyo.

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