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One Piece Episode 1051: Release Date, Time, Recap, and everything

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One Piece Episode 1051 release date

One Piece Episode 1051 will continue to show the various battles happening across Onigashima. Additionally, Luffy is expected to push Momonosuke to become more braver.

Here is everything you need to know.

One Piece Episode 1051: Release Date and Time

One Piece Episode 1051 is scheduled to release on Sunday, February 12, 2023. It will premiere around 9:30 am in Japan.

Moreover, it will release globally at the following times:

Pacific Standard Time: 6:00 pm

Eastern Standard Time: 9:00 pm

Greenwich Mean Time: 2:00 am

Central European Time: 3:00 am

Indian Standard Time: 7:30 am

Philippine Standard Time: 10:00 am

Australia Central Standard Time: 11:30 am

One Piece Episode 1051: Where And How To Watch?

Global fans of the famed anime series can stream the episodes on the official website of Crunchyroll. 

One Piece Episode 1051: Preview and speculations

The 1051st episode of One Piece is titled, ‘A Legend All Over Again! Luffy’s Fist Roars in the Sky!’


Mom onosuke is expected to go against Kaido in the upcoming episode. Meanwhile, the Straw Hats’ optimism returns after Luffy’s reappearance. Hence, the battle has taken an unexpected new turn.


Moreover, the forthcoming episode will include more scenes of Zoro and Sanji fighting against the King and Queen.

In addition, a lot is going around the anime, so it is quite difficult to predict what the episode might include next. 

However, according to the preview, we are certain that episode 1051 will feature some sickly animated scenes.

One Piece Episode 1050: A Quick Recap

The 1050th episode of One Piece is titled, ‘Two Dragons Face Off! Momonosuke’s Determination!’

In the previous episode, we saw Luffy and Yamato simultaneously launching attacks on Kaido. Moreover, Luffy thanks Yamato for keeping Kaido occupied while he was gone.

Kaido on the other hand turns into a dragon but could not recognize Momonosuke in his dragon form. However, the latter ends up revealing his identity to Kaido after gathering courage.

One Piece Episode 1051 release date

Meanwhile, Otoko enjoys the festival at the Flower Captial while Kozuki Sukiyaki gets worried for Otama.

Back on the rooftop, Kaido gears up to blast fire at Luffy and Momonosuke. But Luffy tells Momonosuke to bite Kaido.

Besides that, Momonosuke eventually sinks his teeth into Kaido’s skin after gathering strength from a brief flashback of his mother.

Furthermore, Luffy tells Momonosuke that he had nothing to be scared of now since he has bit an emperor of the sea.

About: One Piece 

One Piece is an ongoing anime series. It is an adaptation of the manga franchise that is both written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda.


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