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Netflix releases teaser of One Piece live-action series

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One Piece Netflix

Since January 2020, everything has transpired that it’s been tough to remain in peace the entire time. Netflix, however, offers the solution: the live-action remake of One Piece, which is actually starting to progress. After announcing the announcement beyond one year and a half ago, the broadcaster has now published what looks to be the very first episode’s full screenplay.

One Piece is still the biggest and most successful, popular, and oldest continuously running manga franchise.

Netflix Geeked released two posts on the show’s development. Representing the most recent official information ever since the series’ unveiling in January 2020. This might be because the program was late owing to the COVID-19 epidemic.

However, just a snapshot of the covers of the complete screenplay for episode one. It was titled “Romance Dawn,” has been on the post. The series’s logo was in the second tweet, along with the message “never lose track of your objective,  regardless of how difficult or unachievable it seems.”


Hints from the Netflix’s One Piece live-action series teaser

There are no specifics regarding the actors, designers, or when the show will release. Matt Owens and Steven Maeda are indeed the writers for the very first episode. They also will act as showrunners again for the 10-episode premiere season, according to the little knowledge provided. On March 15, Maeda revealed the series’ special code, “Project Roger,” in a picture.

The origins of the “Romance Dawn” legend can connect back. This has a connection to two stories created by Oda before he wrote One Piece. Thus it’s essentially a reimagining of Luffy’s persona. Does any of this imply that Luffy, the Straw Hat Pirates, and the rest of the group will appear in this fresh version in an altogether different version? We’ll just have to wait and see. But still, it looks like we’ll be witnessing something completely different from the famous anime and manga classic.

One Piece Live-action series: What do Makers Have to say

While behind curtains, things have already been gradually coming together. It seems like I can now make some big confirmation. Netflix, the world’s greatest streaming media platform, will be contributing us its incredible production assistance! This is really promising. Says Eiichiro Oda


We’ve authored the majority of the ten pieces. When we return, we’ll begin casting. My guess is June 1, but we’ll begin casting right away. We’re thinking about a number of different names right now, and manufacturing should start in September. Sensei Oda and I have been interacting closely. So, let’s start this party, and this one is a huge one. I think, Snowpiercer was a massive undertaking; this is even more so.”  says  Marty Adelstein, who is the writer living in New York City.

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