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Kawaki is the best Boruto character: Everything You Need to Know about Kawaki

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Kawaki is not like other people. The situations in which he was born and brought up distinguishes him from others. He faced very difficult problems when he was just a little boy. His father was an alcoholic. He never got the love and care, a child should get. This made him introverted and he started to dislike the people. Let’s analyze despite being such a personality why Kawaki is considered the Best character in Boruto.

Kawaki is the best Boruto character: Here’s why?

Boruto always lived with his loving family but Kawaki didn’t. However, he left his house and met Naruto, he decided to keep Kawaki with him. Thus, Kawaki and Boruto had a brotherly relation. Also, both of them had a Kama mark.


He becomes rude many times and always shows his bad side to everyone. But fans can see his good side and they love this. Fans think Kawaki is a good human from within which makes him the Best Boruto character.

The second important characteristic which everyone likes is Kawaki’s calm and composed nature. He keeps his emotions in control. Whereas, Boruto fails to control his emotions many times.


Moreover, people are loving the way he is improving himself. He is trying to mix up with people and interact with them overcoming his harsh past. Many fans can relate to Kawaki’s personality. They are eager to know what’s going to happen to him.


The audience also gets to see a part of Naruto in Kawaki. His spirit to learn everything with utmost dedication gives people a glance at Naruto’s personality. He may show his rude and stubborn behavior but deep inside he is kind to people especially to those who need his help.

So, He is a composed personality filled with dedication and gratitude. This makes the audience fall in love with his character. Which one is your favorite characteristic of Kawaki? Tell us in the comment section below.

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