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Edens Zero Episode 25 Release Date and Time, Spoilers, Recap, Countdown

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Edens Zero Episode 25

Kurenai Knight Gear In Edens Zero Episode 25, Kurenai destroys everything in order to exterminate each living life. Moreover, the final fight between Shiki and Kurenai has just begun in Edens Zero. Read on to learn much more about the official release, various times, spoilers, and more for Edens Zero.

Edens Zero Episode 25: Spoliers

The warriors congratulated Weisz on his victory against Baku, and he requested that they provide him with clothing. Weisz is concerned for Shiki and Homura’s well-being. After Shiki escapes the devastating blow, Shiki battles Knight Gear-Kurenai Dragoon. Moreover, Kurenai is perplexed as to how people can bear the beast’s size. She’s attempting to squash Shiki and says she’ll ground him to a bloody pulp. Shiki knows he won’t be able to manage Knight Gear-Kurenaii Dragoon because he can’t lighten it. Kurenai recalls Shiki about his failed Ether Gear.

Edens Zero Episode 24: Recap

Kurenai is relieved that the primary equipment has not been damaged and that the robots are still capable of fighting. Shiki informs her that she might accompany her to Homura, adding because they are in immediate contact. Kurenai responds that the meeting will be emotional. Shiki says that he certainly inherits Valkyrie’s willpower, to which Kurenai responds that Valkyrie is among the lifeless robots without a heart or sentiments. Shiki dodges her barrages as she prepares to fire. Kurenai believes that the planet is being ruined by the dumb brats that surely can’t handle the fact.

Edens Zero Episode 24

Shiki inquires whether she believes that grownups who confront actual facts are the people who are improving society. He delivered a huge Ether fist to the robot’s Ether-coated body, destroying it. Kurenai recognizes Shiki’s attack was propelled by force. So he cut off his Ether Gear and cut his arm at the very last second. Shiki warns her that she has been not making the planet a better place. Weisz, but on the other hand, discovers that Valkyrie is no longer alive and concerns about how they might inform Witch Regret and some others. Hermit is hoping to meet Valkyrie, and the two know it.

Weisz is concerned regarding Homura and what she must have been experiencing now that her owner is no longer alive. Rebecca advised him to concentrate on the current issue. Pino informs them that Mr. Happy is having difficulty, and the two need different clothes.

Edens Zero Episode 25: Release Date and Time

On October 3rd, 2021. At 12:55 AM JST Edens Zero Episode 25 will be broadcasted. The title of Edens Zero Episode 25 is “Someone to Love

“. The group reconnects with Homura, who used Vailkyrie’s weapon to slay her foe. Shiki and Kurenai are also still conversing. Let’s look at Edens Zero streaming time in different time zones –

  • 11:55 AM ET, October 2nd, in USA and Canada
  • 4:55 PM BST, October 2nd, in UK
  • 7:55 PM GST, October 2nd, in UAE
  • 9:25 PM IST, October 2nd, in India
  • 11:55 PM SGT, October 2nd, in Singapore
  • 12:55 AM JST, October 3rd, in Japan
  • 1:55 AM AEST, October 3rd, in Australia

Where to Watch?

On Sunday at 1:00 AM JST, you may stream Edens Zero Episode 25 online live on Hulu and Bilibil. If you already have a subscription with iQIYI or Netflix, you may stream Edens Zero online if you live in the United Kingdom or another country.


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