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Edens Zero Episode 20 Release Date and Time, Recap, Spoilers, Countdown

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Edens Zero Episode 20

Edens Zero Episode 20: Edens Zero is a Japanese manga series and an anime adaptation. It was written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima. Eden Zero is getting published in Kodansha’s Weekly Magazine since June 2018. It has now 16 volumes as of July 2021. The story revolves around the journey of a boy, Shiki Granbell who starts a voyage over the starship across different planets in the hunt of a cosmic goddess “Mother”.

Manga is also dubbed in six other languages by Kodansha USA in North America on Crunchyroll and Amazon Kindle. The show is directed by Shinji Ishihara, Yushi Suzuki, and written by Mitsutaka Hirota. Till now, 19 episodes have been telecasted. It is an action role-playing game genre.

Edens Zero Episode 20: Spoilers

In the 20th episode of Edens Zero, The sun jewel arc will begin, Shiki and his crew will finally reach the distant planet. The warriors that Xiamei recommended will be testing how strong Eden’s Zero crew is. The journey will lead them to Sun Jewel planet, which is a three-day trip. But on their path, they will be coming across mysteries one after another.


All these mysteries will lead them to the greatest ship captains in the cosmos. The episode will introduce a new individual called the Captain. The Captain helped Edens Zero to cover a three-day distance in only one day. The Captain was the Captain of Edens One, it means there is not only one Eden ship but infinite. The future episodes will introduce us to new ships, other than Eden One and Zero.

Edens Zero Episode 19: Recap

In this episode 19, Shiki’s journey to the Sun Jewel planet has started. Edens Zero crew was in search of the last of the shining star, which will help them work at full capacity.

Valkyrie is the only missing star now, and they are only one step away from capturing it. The episode shows a clear picture of Valkyrie, which was never clear before in the show. Amongst the deep myths, Eden saw a ship drifting in space along with the school of fish. Shiki rescued the ship, and later the shipowner turns out to be the captain of Edens One ship. He has earned rare piloting skills and has a unique way of flying the ship.

Edens Zero Episode 20

The crew decided to get led only by Eden Zero, and not Eden One.  All this has started The Sun Jewel Arc as Homura and Shiki have entered the planet. The planet is ruled by a Queen who will kill anyone who decided to disobey her decisions. The new episodes will feature the meet and greet between Eden Zero and The Queen.

Edens Zero Episode 20: Release Date and Time

Edens Zero Episode 20 is set to release on Sunday, August 29, 2021, at 1:25 AM JST on Hulu. The title of Edens Zero Episode 20 is “Stones“.

Where to watch? You can watch Edens Zero Episode 20 online on bilibili, Hulu, and iqiyi. Edens Zero English dub will be coming to Netflix later this month on the 26th worldwide, where it will be available for streaming as well.

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