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Dragon Ball Super anime reportedly returning in 2023, Twitter claims Explained

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Dragon Ball Super

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If you are a Dragon Ball fan then Dragon Ball Super anime is coming up for all. While fans of Dragon Ball have been waiting for the anime for a long. An insider has revealed the details on it. Well, if you are keen to have it soon. Then here are all the updates on it. So, when can you expect the anime to arrive come?

Read ahead to know more about Dragon Ball Super Anime and its other details.

Dragon Ball Super anime release date

Dragon Ball has been a popular and much-loved franchise. Well, it has been adapted in several forms. This time the hype is all about its anime form. In fact, one of the insiders to it has revealed a lot about the Dragon Ball Super anime. If you are excited to know about its release date. Then it is arriving in the next year.

Yes, you can’t have the anime coming anytime this year. As there’s lots of things to be planned for the anime before it actually arrives for the fans. Meanwhile, the information about its arrival was shared by DBSChronicles.


What to expect from Dragon Ball Super anime?

As per the insider DBSChronicles in its tweet mentioned that the weekly episodes of the anime are in production currently. Adding more details about that, it added that the series might be taking place post-Universe Survival Arc. The details are no doubt creating a lot of buzzes.

While everyone is trying to speculate about the storyline of the upcoming anime. There’s still doubt on whether Dragon Ball Super: Broly would be having a reprisal with its story in the anime or not. Yet there’s no confirmation on the same that’s official.

Fans reaction to Dragon Ball Super anime arrival

With a hint at a possible Dragon Ball Super anime arrival. The fans of the Dragon Ball are really excited. Though the details of its arrival are yet to go, official. Yet fans of the anime are already looking forward to seeing what story the anime would cover.

Apart from that, the weekly episode production details have left the fans of the anime curious to know on what platform it would be arriving. Till then we’ll have to wait for an official confirmation on the same.


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